Sunday, March 23, 2008

The indoor Easter egg hunt...

Hallie had a blast "hunting" Easter eggs this afternoon! We wanted to hide them outside (if you can call what we did actually hiding the eggs), but it was a rather chilly day so we decided to do an indoor egg hunt. Hallie didn't mind! We had a great time watching her find the eggs and put them in her basket. On occasion, she got generous and shared her eggs with her adoring fans!

Happy Easter!

The Easter bunny visited Hallie three times. He made a special stop by Nonna and Pop's house before we flew back to San Antonio. Then he stopped by Waco to leave goodies, too! Hallie enjoys getting goodies and had a great time going through all of them! We went to church with Grammy and Gramps this morning and Hallie really enjoyed the service. I think everyone got a real kick out of Hallie clapping and "dancing" during the music!

The Easter bunny in Alabama

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Abby!

We celebrated Abby's fifth birthday at Party Cul entral--an indoor jumping zone. Hallie had a wonderful time "jumping" in the kiddie jumper. It was Sesame Street themed and the perfect size for little ones. Since our flight was canceled, we got to celebrate Abby's actual birthday with her at O'Charley's. She chose the restaurant...she LOVES their rolls and mac 'n cheese! We had a wonderful time celebrating with Abby!

Abby loves the rolls!

Abby is FIVE!

Thanks for sharing your birthday dessert
with me, Abby!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To the airport...and back to Nonna and Pop's!

We were all packed up and headed to the air art. Nonna and Abby were taking us. We got there only to find out that our flight had been canceled! So we rescheduled our flight and headed back to Nonna and Pop's house for a few more days! Abby and Hallie had fun playing outside that afternoon! The weather was beautiful--even though the weather in Houston is what kept us from making our flight.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nora's Post...

So my sweet "niece" Nora is getting a post all her own...she arrived at Hallie's party wearing cranky pants, size 2. By the end of the party, she had changed out of those cranky pants and into some silly pants! :o) She thought putting donuts on her head was quite possibly the funniest thing she had ever experienced!

Standing still long enough to get donuts put on your
head is hard work...but it's SO funny when they fall
off! Although it might sound like Nora is crying,
she is in fact laughing...quite hard!

Alabama Birthday!

We had a wonderful visit with many great friends at Hallie's birthday party! It was so wonderful to get to visit with some friends that we haven't seen in so long...and some who had never met Hallie! Here's our birthday girl enjoying the fun!

Sweet Friends!

Stephanie & Nora

Kyetra & Kendra with Hallie and baby Taft (due in June)

Sweet friends--Susan, Allison, and Leigh Ann finally
got to meet Hallie!

Mandi & Cailin

Hallie testing out the cake with cousins Abby and Lexi

Mommy, Hallie, and "cousin" Mason
As soon as we opened the birthday card from Mawmaw,
Hallie snatched the $10 bill out of it as fast as
she could...she knows what the green is! lol!

Hallie did not like it when her Pop was holding another baby!

Julie & her little guy, Joshua

It's raining, it's...SNOWING!!!

Hallie and Mommy are in Alabama visiting Nonna and Pop. We planned to have a first birthday party here for Hallie. We woke up on her "party day" to find the ground covered with snow...and it was still snowing! Hallie didn't much know what to think about the snow, but she stayed out in it long enough to snap a few pictures. :o) We were worried that the snow would hinder her party, but it was all melted away by the time her party started.

Hallie and Nonna

Hallie and her snow blob
Pop and Hallie