Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Start of Spring Break!

Hallie finished up her Friday with a class-wide egg drop. First grade had been studying eggs and students were supposed to create a protective covering for a hard-boiled egg. A few little friends didn't quite get the hard-boiled memo--despite our attempts at them understanding (notes sent home, constant reminders). Let's just say those eggs didn't survive the 8 foot fall. Ha. But...thanks to the protective covering Hallie and her daddy made, her egg survived!! She was thrilled! 

Right after school, we went home and literally threw some clothes into the bag and headed to Alabama. I think it took less than two hours to get everything  together. We headed to Alabama as the sun began setting. 

Saying good-bye to Daddy...

One of our children appreciates sleep. One does not. Haha. We drove through the night and it wasn't the most pleasant experience thanks to the littlest HSE. 

Once we got to Nonna and Pop's house, both girls were very excited to get reacquainted with their American Girl dollhouse!

Everyone is ready for a relaxing week!

Baylor Basketball


While my parents were in town, we headed to a Baylor basketball game! It was so much fun. It was Harper's first game and our first game of the season (which was, sadly, the last regular game of the season). I think my parents had a good was definitely something out of the ordinary for us to do while they were in town! 

And my Baylor TA (a junior student teaching assistant) is a cheerleader...she came up to say hi to Hallie & Harper! So fun! And so sweet of her!! 

Sweet at Seven


Hallie is officially seven! How did that happen?! This precious girl has brought us so many smiles and so muhch joy! I don't think we knew the happiness, the laughter, the tears, the frustration or the sheer exhaustion parenting could bring...but we are so thankful our journey began with our sweet Hallie Shea!

Happy birthday, love!! 

Lucky Number Seven


Hallie planned a beautiful picnic party...and the day could have not been more fun or more beautiful! We had a wonderful time at Whitehall Park with lots of friends and family. My cousin, Clay, and his family recently moved to the DFW area and they came to party with us! It was nice having more of my side of the family with us! 

I think the party was a hit. The kids played on the playground, ate all the cookies and cupcakes, picnicked, and planted flowers! A lovely picnic indeed!