Saturday, January 21, 2012

Summer 2011...just a *little* late.

This past summer, my sweet friend, Amy, took some pictures of my sweet little family.  She sent me all the pictures and Jonathan edited them for me.  He finally finished some of them.  Finally. :o)  I love them.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Where is it 80 degrees in January?

Believe it or not, I can answer the question that is my post title.  Waco, TX.  That's where it can be 80 degrees in January.  Mid-January.  Yesterday and today to be exact.  Crazy, old weather.  Evidently January did not get the memo that it's supposed to be freezing cold and snow! live in a place where the four seasons actually exist.

If it's going to be Spring-like weather, we're going to act like it's Spring-like weather...short sleeve and all.  And on top of it all, we're going to go to the park and enjoy the wonderful weather.  We're even going to call some sweet friends that we haven't seen in a long time in hopes of them meeting us at the park!

Hallie and I really enjoyed our visit with Miss Becky and sweet Audrey Claire!  Hallie kept wanting to play with Audrey and have Becky and me go sit on the bench.  While Becky admitted having that picture in her mind, it wasn't quite feasible with a not-quite-one-year old little one.  Hallie didn't understand and whined that she and Audrey needed to be alone to play.  haha.

Hallie rode her scooter to the park.  She was tired, but a good sport!

Sweet Audrey!  She was cackling SO hard while her mommy was pushing her in the swing...I wish I had it on video!  This little girl *loves* to swing!

As soon as I kneeled down to take a picture, Audrey threw her hand up.  Think she's had her picture taken a time or two?!

Sweet girls!

Look at those sweet blue eyes and that cute toothy grin!

 Hallie kept getting stuck in the this little girl and her wonderfully sweet smile!

And Hallie rode her scooter all the way back to Mommy's classroom.  

What a wonderful afternoon at the park with sweet friends!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alabama Christmas

We arrived in at my parents' house in Alabama around 4 am Christmas Eve.  I don't think we've ever taken so long to get from Texas to Alabama...and I'm not really sure how the 17 hours happened.  Nonetheless, we made it safely, and I don't think I've ever been so glad to be at my parents' house!  Christmas Eve, my dad read the Christmas story to the three girls.  I can't say that Hallie was doing her best at paying attention--she was slightly wild.  But it was a sweet moment.  Afterward, Nonna read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to them and then we got ready for bed.  Hallie gave her elf, Whitney, big hugs before placing her under the tree and set out milk and cookies for Santa.Hallie was *very* sad to see Whitney leave, and she's thinking of asking Santa if Whitney can come back to visit for Hallie's birthday.  I'm sure he'll oblige.  I mean, even elves need a vacation. ;o)  Hallie had tons of fun playing at Nonna and Pop's house...especially with her two cousins, Abby and Hattie Grace!  Those three can make some noise, let me tell you.  Whew.  When it's Hallie and HG, they're fine...playing gracefully and sharing beautifully.  When it's just Hallie and Abby...the same.  When it's all three...a new World War could erupt at any minute, and you've never heard so much tattling in your life. :o)  Still, it's fun for cousins to play together.  Note to self...take ear plugs on our next vist.  Ha!  

During our visits, we always plan something big...and according to Jonathan, it usually involves riding some kind of train.  Ha!  This time we had planned to take the girls to the American Girl store in Alpharetta, but it just didn't happen.  There was a whole lot of resting going on.  It was exactly what we all needed!  On our trip home, we realized we had been in Alabama for ten days.  Ten glorious days of resting.  Ten wonderful days of sleeping until 10:30 (Hallie, too!).  Ten yummy days of my mom's breakfasts or Hardee's biscuits (YUM! on both accounts).  Ten days of Hallie getting so spend with Nonna and Pop.  Wonderful memories made.  My mom and I did some shopping, and of course we got to eat at Top 'o the River (the fried pickles were super delish this time!).  We got to spend time with my dad's family, too.  It was a great ten days!  Turns out we didn't have much of anything planned during those days either...even better. :o)

Hallie kept waiting for it to snow.  This Christmas was completely different from last year which had a LOT of snow.  I was going to link you to the pictures, but it appears I didn't put that on the blog last year.  Oops. I know I uploaded them to Facebook.  Ha.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and were blessed by the true meaning of Christmas.  And I hope you all have a wonderful 2012!  Happy New Year!

Pop reading the Christmas story.

Opening some of Hallie's Santa presents.

These are all for me?!  Let me tell took her about 5 minutes (or less) to open them!

A little bit of craziness at Nonna and Pop's house!

Hallie and her new American Girl doll that is supposed to look like her. :o)  At first she named her Ruthie...then she changed it to Katherine b/c "Abby already has a Ruthie and it's a REAL doll isn't a REAL Ruthie, so I'm going to name her Katherine."  Whatever you say, Hallie. :o)

Sweet cousins--Hallie and Nora

My cousin and BFF, Stephanie!

This is how we are normally. :o)  Love these girls!

Hallie and Abby with Reecie.  This is right before Reecie climbed up the screen...the screen fell into the kitchen onto the table.  Both girls stood there with mouths gaping open.  Reecie proceeded to meow, turn around, and walk down the screen back outside.  That cat is "some cat".  Ha!

Trying to get Reecie to climb the tree.  She was being kind of obstinate. 

Ah...she finally decided to perform!

Abby & Hallie were outside playing (look at the short-sleeves...I told you it was VERY different from last Christmas when it was FREEZING!)...I walked up on this and Abby saying "Hallie...see if you can fit down in that hole."  LOL  (Don't worry--the hole was only about two feet deep (it was for a post).

There was a lot of playing tag...

So...we had a very Merry Christmas.  Oh to move to Alabama some day and be closer to my family.  That is my hope and prayer.

Christmas via iPhone

Hallie watching a movie en route to Alabama.

Saying goodbye to Hallie's elf, Whitney, until next year!

Santa visited sweet Hallie!

Santa Nonna visited all three girls.  They're not spoiled at all.  Ha!

Hallie with her two favorite things--her LeapPad and her AG look-alike doll, Katherine.

It's always hard to say goodbye...Nonna, don't kill me for posting this picture! ;o)

Three sweet cousins--Abby, Hallie, & Hattie Grace

On our way out, we stopped by church to say bye to Pop.  Love this picture!

What rhymes with slacker?

Well...I don't know...but I know WHO is a slacker.  That would be me.  Ha.

I got this wall post today on Facebook:

I need to see some blogging Mrs. Echols. I miss Hallie updates.

Need I say more?  Sigh.  Let the updates commence...