Friday, January 20, 2012

Where is it 80 degrees in January?

Believe it or not, I can answer the question that is my post title.  Waco, TX.  That's where it can be 80 degrees in January.  Mid-January.  Yesterday and today to be exact.  Crazy, old weather.  Evidently January did not get the memo that it's supposed to be freezing cold and snow! live in a place where the four seasons actually exist.

If it's going to be Spring-like weather, we're going to act like it's Spring-like weather...short sleeve and all.  And on top of it all, we're going to go to the park and enjoy the wonderful weather.  We're even going to call some sweet friends that we haven't seen in a long time in hopes of them meeting us at the park!

Hallie and I really enjoyed our visit with Miss Becky and sweet Audrey Claire!  Hallie kept wanting to play with Audrey and have Becky and me go sit on the bench.  While Becky admitted having that picture in her mind, it wasn't quite feasible with a not-quite-one-year old little one.  Hallie didn't understand and whined that she and Audrey needed to be alone to play.  haha.

Hallie rode her scooter to the park.  She was tired, but a good sport!

Sweet Audrey!  She was cackling SO hard while her mommy was pushing her in the swing...I wish I had it on video!  This little girl *loves* to swing!

As soon as I kneeled down to take a picture, Audrey threw her hand up.  Think she's had her picture taken a time or two?!

Sweet girls!

Look at those sweet blue eyes and that cute toothy grin!

 Hallie kept getting stuck in the this little girl and her wonderfully sweet smile!

And Hallie rode her scooter all the way back to Mommy's classroom.  

What a wonderful afternoon at the park with sweet friends!

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Kyetra said...

Florida did not get the Winter weather memo either! We need to do something about that. Kids at Taft's school are wearing shorts. Insane!!