Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Our Halloween 2013 was pretty laid back. We went by the church for their mini-festival and then went to see Jonathan's parent at their mini-fall festival location. Our church did the fall festival a little differently this year, having houses throughout the community that were offering mini-festivals for the church. 

Hal was getting all the ocean animals that she had thrown into the whale's mouth...I thought the photo op was priceless! :o)

This little pumpkin fell in love with the pink octopus ocean animal from the Jonah game. Daddy ordered her one from Amazon bc through tears, we had to leave this one behind. 

Another Halloween in the books. Now...onto Thanksgiving!! 

Learners Permit

Well...fifteen months, not years. But it really feels as if it's going that quickly! Harper's life is flying past at speeds so fast I must force myself to slow down and breathe her (and Hallie) in more frequently. 

Harper had her 15 month check up today and our pedi said she looks great! Miss Harper even showed off her walking skills (more than she has showed us at home) to Dr. Burns. She squirmed out of my lap, stood straight and y'all and then took about 10 steps. We all clapped and cheered wildly! She was so proud of herself and just beamed at Dr. Burns. Now it's my goal to capture it on video. I wonder how long that'll take! 

Miss Harper started screaming the second we walked into the examining room...bless her heart. She must have remembered her last, scary visit where she left with a diagnosis of pneumonia! Thankfully she calmed down and didn't cry the entire time the doc was checking her out. Harper has grown since her 12 month check up...except she hasn't gained any weight. So, to get her chunkied up a bit, she's gotta start eating more good, fatty foods (boy, I wish I had that problem!). In her defense, she eats all the time. But she's also a lot more mobile than at 12 months. And she had a two week bout of serious illness where she wasn't eating much of anything. So she has some catching up to do! 

At 15 months, Harper weighs 20 lbs 6 oz and is 26.5 inches tall. 

Favorite Food:
*Bluberry anything
*Mandarin Oranges
*Mac n Cheese
*Graham Crackers

Really, she will eat almost anything. I hope that trend continues

Favorite Things:
*any musical toy 
*tiny things (but not so tiny that they could harm her)
*anything with a face
*Little Tikes car

You sign:
*all done

You say:
*da (dog)
*bah (ball)
*cah (car)
*du (duck)
*bah-bah (baby or any stuffed thing with a face)
*random babbles that obviously mean something to you...and shrill screams at Hallie to tell her to STOP! :o)   

You can follow simple commands and can answer our questions easily with a head nod (yes), a head shake (no), Ora gesture. You love being outside, and you adore Hallie. 

You are precious! We are do thankful for 15 months with you!!