Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Under the Weather

Hallie has been a little under the weather. We took her to the doctor and he found that she has a double ear infection! Poor thing! I was heart-broken. Daddy got her a special surprise to help her feel better. She loves her Mr. Potato Head--I know it's not for babies, but she loves things with faces! She also loves to steal his nose and his glasses. :o) Hopefully after her round of antibiotics, she'll get this ear infection knocked out! She feels pretty good during the days, but nights are a little harder on her. She's got her first birthday party this weekend--she can't be sick!

We were rearranging some furniture and Hallie enjoyed
crawling through the sofa table--she was obviously feeling
pretty OK here! haha.

When you don't feel well, you think you should get to do
whatever you want. Here is Hallie going through Mommy's
"goody box" from school. I had the box in the living room
(with the top on), walked into the kitchen, and not two
minutes later walked back into the living room to find
Hallie--caught red handed!

I'll share with you, Mommy!

Look at all my treasures!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Walking my Hippo

Hallie took Hippo on a walk around our park today. The weather was beautiful and she had a great time! She had so much fun walking around the park, watching the other kids playing. She did fall down a couple of times, but got right back up! :o) She's persistent, that's for sure. A few "baby miles" into her walk, she decided she needed to stop for some water. A little while later, she decided she needed to really rest. So she sat down and drank some water. When she was rested, she got right back up and started her travels again! It was the cutest thing to watch!

Our Goofy Girl!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A few pictures from our Waco trip

Grandmommy and Hallie

Daddy & Hallie...and Hallie's fun umbrella
from Uncle Jeremy

They both love water!

I love my Uncle Jeremy!

We stopped by Grammy's school on our way
home to say bye!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fighting a nap

Being in a bed that isn't your own along with being completely off schedule does not make for a baby who wants to nap! After Mommy and Daddy's fruitless attempts toward getting Hallie to nap, Grammy was the successful one! Here are a few pictures of the sweet moment.

Hallie loves the piano!

Hallie loved playing the piano at Gramps and Grammy's house! She was so cute reaching up for the keys. Maybe we have a future pianist!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Visiting Gramps and Grammy

We're in Waco for the weekend visiting Gramps and Grammy. Hallie is having a ball! We got here around 8:00 last night, and Hallie started performing! She was walking all over the place. She has taken 5 or 6 steps here and there in the past 2 weeks, but she was going across the room to everybody last night. Needless to say, we had a really hard time getting her down for bed--it was already past her bedtime, and then she wanted to stay up and practice her new trick! I cannot believe how quickly she learns new "tricks". I am truly amazed by her. Hopefully I'll capture a video of her walking soon.

Helping Grammy with breakfast

Hallie with Gramps in her rocking chair

Cutie Patootie!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

Today was Hallie's first Valentine's Day. She sends lots of slobbery kisses your way! We visited Daddy today at work and took him a Valentine treat. He was surprised to see Hallie crawl into his office all by herself! haha. She is so cute all the time! She's our little Valentine! Happy Happy Heart Day! XOXO!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A few cute videos...

Hallie still loves her baths! Here's a little video of Froggy getting Hallie!

Hallie loves to push things. Here she's pushing our barstool through what I like to call the kitchen maze. Please ignore all Hallie's "treasures" on the floor. I pick them up, she puts them back. :o)

Into Everything...

Hallie is into everything lately...which means I really haven't had a moment to sit down and post pictures. Also, Hallie and I have both been sick--we are FINALLY better! And I've been a little consumed with making invitations for her first birthday party along with my very best friend's (Kyetra) baby shower invitations! are some pictures from the past week or so--our little brave one who is into everything! She is such a joy all the time. We are so blessed to have this little bundle of smiles and giggles (and independence) in our lives!

I love rolling around on pillows!

Our little climber!

Hallie's new favorite place to explore.

Blurry...but she is funny rolling this ball
with her head!

Balancing on Daddy's legs! Future

Marvelous Monkey "helps" me eat
my breakfast.

Always getting into Charley's food!

Hallie sneaked up the stairs! Stinker!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Climbing on up!

Hallie loves to climb the stairs now. She makes it all the way to the top on her own (well, with Mommy or Daddy behind her)! She would climb them all day long if Mommy would let her!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dodging the Diaper

OK...this is just too funny (well, it's not really). Hallie is almost refusing to get a diaper put on her after her bath. Along with the refusal of the diaper is the refusal to put on her pajamas. Maybe she just isn't ready for her day to be over. Or maybe she just wants to be naked to "air out" a little bit! LOL! Regardless of her reasons, here is her enjoyment of getting her way (for the time being). I didn't get the tantrum she threw when Jonathan finally started putting her diaper on her (for the second or third time!). She is so cute!

11 month pictures

Sweet Hallie...11 months old!

Our morning...

This is how we started our morning. I opened the dishwasher to start emptying it and then walked to the trashcan to throw something away. Upon turning around, I found this in my dishwasher! She had started taking out the silverware. No worries...there weren't any sharp knives in there! :o) She is such a stinker! And yes...that's a thermometer. Why?, I don't know.