Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dodging the Diaper

OK...this is just too funny (well, it's not really). Hallie is almost refusing to get a diaper put on her after her bath. Along with the refusal of the diaper is the refusal to put on her pajamas. Maybe she just isn't ready for her day to be over. Or maybe she just wants to be naked to "air out" a little bit! LOL! Regardless of her reasons, here is her enjoyment of getting her way (for the time being). I didn't get the tantrum she threw when Jonathan finally started putting her diaper on her (for the second or third time!). She is so cute!

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The Canada's said...

Such a cute video. She is so excited when the diaper falls and is GONE! We let Lakyn go free the other day thinking that since her diaper was wet and full that she wouldn't have to go for a while. She unfortunately wet the floor!