Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Time!

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas time and are looking forward to a great New Year! We have really enjoyed watching Hallie this Christmas (and always, really). We have had a very busy Christmas break. I (Kendra) spent my first Monday of my Christmas break in the ER with a kidney stone. What fun! Hallie was very concerned about mommy; she rubbed my cheek and said, "I sowie Momma" before we left for the ER. Thankfully Gramps and Rah-Rah met us there and kept Hallie for us until Tuesday afternoon. Still having shopping to do, I had to venture out (slowly) Tuesday and Wednesday. Along with having shopping to do, we needed to get things ready to leave Christmas afternoon for Alabama.

On Christmas Eve, we went to our candlelight service at church. Then we head over to Jonathan's parents' for dinner and presents. We had a lot of fun watching Hallie open her presents. Bless her heart, it was after her bedtime when we started opening gifts, and she was wired trying to keep herself awake! She'd quickly open a present and then jump up and say, "More. More." She was clearly exhausted! After we got home and got the little precious one in bed, Mommy and Daddy Elf began the Christmas Eve process of helping Santa get Hallie's goodies together. Jonathan worked on getting Hallie's kitchen together and I worked on finishing up with some wrapping and packing for Alabama. Mommy Elf got in bed at 4:45 while Daddy Elf stayed up until almost 7:00! Needless to say, Hallie's 7:30 wake up was earlier than either of us had hoped!

We weren't sure how Hallie would react to all her Christmas goodies. At first, she was acting like she was scared and unsure of all these new things around her Christmas tree. After we told her it was okay and that Santa had delivered all her goodies, she perked up! She got a dollhouse, a kitchen, and an Elmo Live. She went straight for Elmo first. Then she moved on to the kitchen, and then spotted the dollhouse. She was cute going from one to the other, spending a little time at each. She really loved her kitchen (and making a mess out of all her little food items!). We wish Hallie had have had more time to play with her new toys, but we were leaving for Alabama that afternoon.

After lunch with Jonathan's family, we headed to the airport. Hallie absolutely LOVED flying! She was a great little traveler. She really liked it when the plane went up. She'd throw her hands in the air and say, "Up, plane! Up!" Cute! :o)

Hallie has had so much fun visiting with family in Alabama. Santa even left her some presents under Nonna and Pop's tree. Although, she prefers all the old toys to the new ones (don't they always?!). Hallie has had a lot of fun playing with her cousins and friends! We are so thankful to get to visit with our family here in Alabama!

There are no pictures yet...I had a little scare. I put my memory card into the card reader and it told me I needed to format my memory card. Yikes! I was very sad because it had all my pictures and videos from Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thankfully I have a husband who is pretty suave with electronics. :o) He recovered every file on there for me! Yay!

Hopefully I'll have pictures up soon!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I can't wait to see others' blogs filled with Christmas pictures. :o)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Cheese, Ya'll!

We've been trying to get Hallie to say "Merry Christmas". The first few times it came out "Merry Chismas". OK...that's pretty stinking cute. I guess she thought that took too long b/c now, no matter where we are, it is an emphatic "Merry Cheese!" She can hear a song in a store or on the radio say "Merry Christmas" and she'll yell out "Merry Cheese" as she throws her arms in the air. She is SO much fun! I love her sweet little personality. Here's a short video of her saying "Merry Cheese"...along with "osh shoes". :o)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sweet Sundays

To get everyone out of the house on Sunday mornings and to church by 10:30 pretty much requires a matter what time we get up. Anyone else have that same problem? So here's how our Sunday goes...we get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, and lately decide whether or not to fight the battle of putting on a coat with Hallie. This past Sunday, we had to was about 38 degress outside (much different from the 75 Friday). Sigh. After church, everyone gets to relax. We head over to Gramps's and Rah-Rah's house for lunch (thank you...thank you...thank you for having us over!) and relax. Hallie LOVES to be outside. She got to spend just a little while outside in the chilly weather before heading in. Of course, I had to snag a few pictures.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Painting Presents

Hallie worked on some special Christmas presents this afternoon. Before we started her project, we talked about what we were going to be doing (painting ornaments), and while I was getting all her materials together, she kept saying, "I ready! Paint! I ready!" lol. She painted some ornaments today for a several very special people. I can honestly say that Hallie did all the work! I poured the paint for her and rinsed her brushes out occasionally, but she did ALL of the painting! The ornaments turned out really cute--I am very proud of her. She absolutely LOVED painting! I had several clear ornaments, and when she would get finished with each one, she'd say, "All done. More peese." lol. She was so serious while painting, too. It was very cute! When she finished the last one (thankfully she did 5--the number she needed to), she put the paint brush down and said, "I'm done." Silly girl! There is a video of Hallie painting at the bottom...I couldn't believe that she was concentrating so hard on what she was doing--I thought it was just too sweet!

Hallie is saying, "I ready!" in this picture!

Sweet little pumpkin head!

Such detail! Such precision! ;o)

Hallie working on her masterpiece(s)!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Quick Change!

On Sunday, we had our very own little family photo shoot to try to capture that perfect Chrsitmas card photo--you know the one...everyone actually looking at the camera! After about 10 takes, we got one (see header). Hallie was saying "Cheese" the entire time we were waiting for the timer to go off. Too cute. We got a few other shots, too, that we pretty cute...Hallie's little personality (read: Hallie's stubborness) shining through. :o)

So, on Sunday when we took the picture, we were all actually pretty warm in our long-sleeved shirts and jeans. It was almost 80 degrees outside! We woke up yesterday to a little chill...33 degrees! The high for yesterday was 43! Today school was delayed two hours because there was ice on the road! It was almost 80 on Sunday! So bizarre! It's no wonder we're battling colds day after day. Sigh! The weather literally changes with the wind! haha.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

No No for Ho Ho

This morning started like any other Saturday morning--some milk, breakfast, and cartoons. I asked Hallie if she wanted to go see Santa. She looked at me, got bright-eyed and quickly asked, "Ho Ho?" When I said yes, she slid down off our bed and said, "Up pease"--meaning I needed to get up and at 'em. We met Gramps and Rah-Rah at the mall and waited our turn...a long hour (maybe longer). Hallie was very excited about seeing Ho Ho. She kept her eyes on him, smiling, pointing, and waving. After a little while, she got distracted and wanted to walk around. Gramps and Rah-Rah held our place in line while Hallie traipsed around. We talked about sitting in Santa's lap and she told me she wanted to. I thought she was going to make it. It was almost our turned and I told Hallie we needed to get back in line. She quickly followed me to our spot in line. I asked her if she wanted to put her bow back in her hair for Santa and she said, "Bow, hair". When Santa's Helper told us it was our turn and took the rope down, Hallie stopped dead in her tracks. She then looked at me and said, "No. No Ho Ho." Then she hung onto me with all her might! We went up there to talk to him, but she wouldn't even look at him! I finally, against her will, sat her in Santa's lap. He was very sweet and was trying to talk to her to calm her down. She was wailing! The helpers were trying to get her to smile but she'd have nothing to do with it. I spotted a Santa holding a guitar beside their camera post...I quickly pushed the button to watch Santa begin his little caught Hallie's attention and she stopped crying for about 20 seconds. The camera "elf" snapped the wasn't great, but I thought that everyone needs to have a crying baby picture! lol. We'll have to scan the original b/c we didn't buy the CD...but Jonathan snapped a few pictures from the sidelines. :o)

Excited to see Santa!

Not so excited to see Santa!

Hallie picking out her Christmas ornament.

Hallie loves this little ride on!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cookie Cuttin' and Tree Trimmin'

We have all been sick and are finally on the way to feeling better. We put the tree up last weekend before we all got really, icky sick. So we've had a tree with lights for almost a week now. Earlier tonight we finally baked some cookies and decorated our tree while listening to Christmas music--a tradition we started with Hallie last year. Normally we'd do this on the weekend, but I really wanted to have our tree decorated, so we planned on it tonight. Hallie had so much fun helping with cookies and the decorating. She is at such a fun age right now, wanting to help with everything. She did a great job with the cookies (see pictures below--lol) and with putting the ornaments on the tree! I think this Christmas is going to be so much fun with her.

Putting her cookies on the stone--we would
cut the cookies and instead of putting the cut out
on the stone, she'd put the outside of it on there!

Rolling out the cookie dough
(We used cut and bake for tonight, we'll make
real cookies this weekend--yay!)

Whenever Hallie would cut out a cookie, she
would push down really hard and grunt! LOL!

Trimming the tree!

Pretending to play this guitar ornament! She was
strumming and dancing to the music! HAHA!

Monday, December 8, 2008

That Whitney!

Whitney brought Hallie a nativity set. When she saw the box she said, "Babies!" That's what she calls almost anything with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth (unless it's an animal, of course). It was very sweet watching her line up each piece and saw what they were. Most of the animals were cows to her, haha. And she can now say "Baby Jesus"--what sweet words out of her sweet, baby mouth! When you push the angel on top of the stable, it plays Away in a we've heard that PLENTY of times now! We hope she'll enjoy this for the next few Christmases! :o)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Missing Our Hallie

Hallie lovingly passed on her stomach bug to Mommy, and Jonathan has been under the weather with his sinuses. We're a pair! Gramps and RaRa have graciously kept Hallie today for us...and it looks like she's going to spend her first night away from Mommy and Daddy. This makes me so sad...but I know she'll have a great time. Jonathan and I are both running fevers--his almost 100, mine has been averaging 102. We just don't want her to get sick again since she's feeling better. Jonathan and I have slept most of the day while Hallie has played and played with Gramps and RaRa. They even treated her to supper at Chick-fil-A! I know she loved that. We were told that she's been asking for us...and I know that'll continue on into the night as she goes to sleep w/o Mommy and Daddy. But I know she's having fun and that she is well taken care of. We are so thankful to have family closeby to help us out in our time of ickiness!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sick Day

I got a call at 8:45 telling me that Hallie had been throwing up. So I quickly got our school secretary to find a sub so I could go get the little stinker. After a quick stop by the grocery store for some apple flavored Pedialyte (which Hallie called appa it must taste OK), we headed home for a quiet day. Upon arriving home, Hallie began playing...not acting very sick. But she wasn't quite as spunky as she usually is. I thought I'd put a load of clothes in before getting Hallie down for a nap. I had the pile of clothes outside the laundry room and was rummaging through our suitcase for more clothes. When I turned around, this is the fantastic image I saw! I started giggling out loud, which Hallie loved! :o) Of course, when I got the camera, she lost part of her gear--the red slippers. haha. Hallie is napping now, and will hopefully feel lots better when she wakes up.

Whitney Visits Again

I probably won't post every time Whitney visits (every day until Christmas), but I had to post about the little gift Whitney brought last night. That elf really knows what Hallie likes (lol--my niece told her mom that her elf, Tatum, really knew what she likes!). :o) This little gift was a hit! There was another trail of North Pole snow...right to Hallie's hiding place in her bathroom! Hallie giggled when she saw Whitney hanging out of the door. Her gift was a little water wonder coloring pad--you color with water on the pages and it brings out the color...then it dries and you can do it all over again! Hallie's is Thomas the Train. I know it's a little boyish, but she LOVES the "choo choo". :o) Too cute! After we opened her book, she colored in it immediately. Then I found her in the den coloring all by herslef...then I found her in her little bathtub (she has grown quite fond of playing in it) in the living room coloring in her book. She is SO much fun!

Mischievous Whitney!

Hallie finding her little goodie!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


When you ask Hallie what Santa Claus says, she replies "Ho Ha Ho"! :o) It is so cute. I have been trying to get it on video with many unsuccessful attempts. Last night she was eating supper and I captured the moment briefly. She was almost too busy to say it...but I managed to get it on video. Afterward, she was quick to the camera with her hand right in front of the lense...she's already tired of the "mommarazi"! LOL!

On Tuesay night, Santa sent a little bit of elf magic Hallie's way! She loved following the trail of North Pole snow Elf Whitney left! Hallie especially loved the little surprise (a fat pencil) Whitney had in her gift bag. I'm so excited about starting this tradition with Hallie. Hallie loved running up and down the trail Whitney left! haha.

Following the North Pole snow trail


Align Center
Hallie was very excited to get her "color". I
don't know why she called it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

War Eagle

Miss Priss wanted nothing to do with having her picture taken. Out of about thirty pictures, these are the ones worth posting. Little stinker! Nonna had this outfit made for the babies--isn't it adorable?! Thanks, Nonna!

Sister love--Abby and Hattie Grace

See ya...I'm outta here!

Adventures in Lenox Square Mall

After riding The Pink Pig, everyone was ready for lunch! We headed to the Food Court at Lenox Mall...I guess everyone had the same idea we did b/c there were a million people there. Then I remembered..."Black Friday". Do you know we were in this fabulous mall and we didn't do one bit of shopping. Nothing! That's OK...we had a great time!

While heading to the Food Court, I was blessed with the most wonderful surprise. I noticed a girl walking by, looking at Hallie. I stared briefly, letting her face register. As she passed, I realized it was a sweet friend from World Changers. I quickly turned around and yelled "Audrey", letting several people give me a "you're crazy" look. Old friends embraced in an "I can't believe it" hug. It was so wonderful seeing Audrey! We met during the summer of 1995 (is that right?). We were on the same work crew for World Changers and became fast friends and have been in touch (although not always that great) ever since. I hadn't seen her since her wedding several years ago! Since then she has welcomed three beautiful children. Her mom was with her shopping, so I got to see her sweet mom, too. It was such a wonderful surprise! It was so great to see you, Audrey! I asked Jonathan to take a quick picture...and although it's blurry, I'm still posting it.

Sweet picture

Sweet friend! It was so great seeing you, Audrey!

And the Chick-fil-A cow

First of all, does the Chick-fil-A cow have a name? When Hallie spotted the cow, she ran right to him moo-ing all the way. She LOVES this cow! Notice in our family picture, she's leaning into him. Precious!

The Pink Pig

Hallie was so excited about riding The Pink Hallie, it's known as "Peen Pig". :o) Cute! When she spotted the entrance, she was very excited. She enjoyed watching the little train go around and around. Nonna got tickets for everyone (thanks, Nonna!) and we got to ride the train twice. The first go around, Hallie wasn't too thrilled. She rode with Daddy and I took pictures. The second go around...well, she still wasn't too thrilled. She rode with Mommy the second time around. We think her less than love for The Pink Pig ride was due to it being "inside" and having lots of lights and storybook pictures that were just a little overwhelming. She was very curious about it all, and told everyone who'd listen the story of riding "Peen Pig". I think she'll enjoy it more next year! However, on the way out of the tent, Hallie spotted the Chick-fil-A cow. Now, she wasn't scared of him AT ALL (post to follow). :o)

Our little family

The girls waiting to ride...

Nonna had shirts made for the occasion.

Another family photo

My brother (being goofy) and niece

Ride #1...not so sure: Nonna, Jonathan, & Hallie

Ride #2...really not sure!

Kenga and Pop