Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Quick Change!

On Sunday, we had our very own little family photo shoot to try to capture that perfect Chrsitmas card photo--you know the one...everyone actually looking at the camera! After about 10 takes, we got one (see header). Hallie was saying "Cheese" the entire time we were waiting for the timer to go off. Too cute. We got a few other shots, too, that we pretty cute...Hallie's little personality (read: Hallie's stubborness) shining through. :o)

So, on Sunday when we took the picture, we were all actually pretty warm in our long-sleeved shirts and jeans. It was almost 80 degrees outside! We woke up yesterday to a little chill...33 degrees! The high for yesterday was 43! Today school was delayed two hours because there was ice on the road! It was almost 80 on Sunday! So bizarre! It's no wonder we're battling colds day after day. Sigh! The weather literally changes with the wind! haha.


The Belton Family said...

Love the card! We decided to only put photos of Taft on ours since Shane and I weren't that happy with the family photos. We are going to try the timer next time too, or get a friend of mine to take them so that I can see them as we go.

We are having the same strange weather here. I just stay sick and Shane keeps coughing!

Alison said...

So cute! Did you use photoshop for your header? I asked for that for Christmas so hopefully I can get a little more creative.

Oh, and only 10 shots?!?!?! We are on about 50 and STILL don't have a picture. This weekend is our last hope! Glad it went so well!

Jonathan and Kendra said...

LOL--yeah, only 10...but we also are only dealing with 3 people. Adding one more probably adds the extra 40. :o) I did use Photoshop. I love it! I hope you get it for Christmas, too, Alison!

Kyetra, we're quite lucky to have gotten a shot with all 3 of us. Most of them involved a really ugly doll. Thankfully for the last one the doll was an observer!

Misti said...

Such a cute Christmas photo! We love and miss ya'll! Happy Christmas, friend!

Amy said...

Love the picture of your family! So so cute! We are battling bizarre weather here too, and thanks to that we all have runny, sniffly noses YUCK!

Kristen said...

I love the card. I empathize on the photo-taking. It's SO HARD to get a picture with a baby when you are using the timer. Thank goodness that our camera flashes madly before it snaps the picture... it gets her to look at the camera!!