Sunday, November 29, 2015


We headed to Alabama for Thanksgiving break...we haven't been there in several years for Thanksgiving, so it was a nice change of scenery.  I did spend the first three days in bed sick with strep.  Not a fun way to start vacation.  But, I was incredibly thankful to be with my family so they could take care of the girls for me.  It did put a damper on Hallie and Harper's plans (and mine, too...but they didn't care about that).  The girls' cousins were supposed to come stay on Monday, but with me sick, they (understandably) postponed their visit.  They headed over Wednesday morning (two days "late") and the girls were thrilled.  We stuffed our bellies full on Thanksgiving and saw two movies--The Peanuts Movie and The Good Dinosaur.  Both were pretty good.  The Good Dinosaur being my least favorite.  Before the girls headed back to Birmingham, I took them to the creek to take some was high noon and the sun was super bright, so the Hubs is going to have to do some editing for me.  But overall, the colors are gorgeous (as are the sweet faces).

*Abby Brooke*

*Hallie Shea*

*Hattie Grace*

*Harper Shea*

Hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving...I am so thankful for my family.  And so thankful for the bond these four girls share.  They're family, but they're also friends.  Makes my heart smile (even if they can all drive us full speed ahead on the crazy train sometimes)! :o)

Saturday, November 21, 2015


This year, both girls are taking started in September and they both love it.  We do not love the location this year (we really miss the Bosque studio), but we still love Joy's!

Happy Hallie-Ween (and Harper, too)

October 31.

We are thankful for Western Heights Baptist Church and their Fall Festival.  It's where we've taken the girls the past couple of years, and they love it.  This year, I wasn't quite on top of things when it came to Halloween costumes.  Usually, Hallie has decided a year in advance what she wants to be and sticks to it.  This year, she had no ideas.  And Harper changed her mind 10 times on the actual day of Halloween!  Instead of spending a ton of money on something, we figured out what we had at home.  Here's what we ended up being...

Belle the Ballerina Princess Fairy and Fancy Nancy!


October 26...I was challenged to take a black and white photo for five days.  This one was Day 4.  And it takes my breath away.  Harper is such a free spirit.  Very opinionated.  Very loud.  Very, very loud.  But she is also very reflective and has a sweet soul.  We are thankful for our youngest blessing and cannot wait to see what God has in store for her.

Storybook Pumpkin

October 27

Woodway Elementary has a fantastic library and librarian!  The kids have the chance to create a pumpkin storybook character with their family.  Then the pumpkins are judged.  It's such a neat time.  We had a blast creating Hallie's storybook pumpkin--all together as a family.  What a joy to get to do at-home projects!  Hallie chose to do The Very Hungry Caterpillar and came out with second place in third grade!


October 9...praising the Lord!

Our sweet, precious oldest love gave her heart to Christ tonight.  For several months, we have known God has been working in her heart.  She has asked a lot of questions about being a Christian, being baptized, and what it means to be saved.  She told us tonight she wanted to pray for Jesus to come into her herat.  So we all sat down as a family on her little bed and prayed with her.  She prayed and asked Jesus to come into her heart.  It was the most wonderful experience I have ever had...absolutely precious.  We are so blessed and so thankful.  Praise the Lord, Hallie is a new creation in Christ!

Hallie is telling RahRah and Gramps her good news!

So thankful for FaceTime so Hallie could call Nonna & Pop!

And Abby was at my parents' house, so Hallie got to tell Abby, too...that interaction was absolutely priceless and precious!  Abby was genuinely so thrilled for Hallie!  What a blessing!

A little family picture!

The following weekend, Hallie's grandparents (RahRah & Gramps) came over and gifted Hallie with a precious devotional journal.  Hallie was thrilled.  She is so loved and we are so thankful for her life!

New Year. New School.

August 25...Hallie and I started new school years at a new school!  We were both nervous, and it has taken a little time to adjust, but we both LOVE Woodway Elementary!  Occasionally, Hallie will say she misses her Mountainview friends and Miss Dodd, but she has grown to feel right at home at Woodway!  We are so thankful.

This was right before school started at Meet the Teacher...Hallie and her new teacher, Mrs. Guerra!

My FABULOUS First Grade Team!!
Me, Carly, Kaitlyn, and Kristiana

First Day of School--August 25, 2015
Ready for a great year!

New spaces.

End of July...early August.

A lot of sweat and love went into getting my classroom moved from Mountainview to Woodway.  So thankful for friends and family who helped without complaint! 
Before...whew...I wasn't sure my room would ever come together at this point!

After...thankfully, my room came together quite nicely!

Sweet Hubs gathering the millions of cords to make them look "prettier" for me!

Don't Stop Believing

I won't give up on my little corner of the internet.  I just will not! :o)

Catch up, Catch up!

On August 2, Harper turned three.  And five days later, she broke her arm...again...right before her birthday party.  She, Hallie, and Ren were outside playing.  Hallie was on the disc swing and told Harper to move. Harper did not move.  Hallie totally knocked her down and she landed "just right" on the same arm she broke  eight months earlier.  Sigh.  Thankfully, she knew what to expect and bounced back quickly.

At Urgent Care after having her arm x-rayed.

If she breaks her arm for a third time in the next 12 months, she'll need to have an MRI to rule out anything that could possibly be causing the arm to break so easily.  The doctor didn't seem to concerned, though...just called it a freak accident.  Perhaps we should teach Harper to catch herself when she falls.  Ha!

Harper's birthday morning!

Harper is THREE!

Harper's Mermaid Cupcakes

 Hallie, Harper, & Esther Margaret

The girls with Gramps & RahRah

Making a wish!

The following weekend, we changed Harper's Splash Park Mermaid Party to a Mermaid Yogurt Party at USwirl.  It was one of the best parties!  So simple, laid back, and enjoyable.  We'll be having more parties at USwirl in the future! :o)

Daddy even changed the mermaid on Harper's birthday invitation so the mermaid wearing a little sling. :o)

 Nonna & Pop got to celebrate Harper's birthday party with us!