Saturday, July 19, 2014

Three Cheers for Daddy


Father's Day was pretty laid back this year. Because Hallie had another dance recital, we decided we wouldn't stretch ourselves too thin with trying to fit a lot into the day. After lunch with Jonathan's parents, we headed to the recital venue. 

Don't you know dance recitals are exactly where a daddy wants to be on Father's Day?! Ha! Actually, as you all know, it isn't. And that is the only thing I dislike about our dance studio--having the recital on Father's Day weekend. 

But Jonathan was a trooper. He's one special guy and an amazing daddy to or precious girls! They have a wonderful example of what kind of guy to look for when they're dating and thinking about know, when they're 40!

I got to talk to my dad on FaceTime. 

Never Grow Up

Hallie completed her fourth year at Joy's School of Dance last month. This year, she took ballet and tap again. 

Starting around January, the girls began learning their routines for the June recital. For tap, it was a catchy number called Pennies from Heaven. It was adorable and so was the routine.  I can't remember at what point I began listening to the song for ballet...but one day the words stuck me. And I felt a prickle of a tear forming in the corner of my eyes. 

"Oh darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up, just stay this little"...Taylor Swift goes on to sing verses about how innocent a child is, thinking everything is funny...then how she's mortified by her mom taking her to the movies...a mom reminding her to take mental pictures of her childhood...her first apartment. Thank goodness that recital song was spliced or all the other dance moms and myself would have been a sloppier mess than we already were! 

I remember the first time we all really listened to the song, peeking in through the viewing window as all our 5-6-7 year olds pointed their toes and swayed to the music, looking incredibly older than they were. We all agreed that we would need tissues come recital night. And we all did. 

The first day of Hallie's dance recital, Jonathan stayed home with Harper. The recital was at 2 pm and Harper would not have survived it. Plus, Hallie would be repeating the recital the next day (Father's Day). So I was able to simply enjoy watching Hallie with no one else to interrupt my thoughts, dreams, visions. And as I watched Hallie dance her very best on stage, swaying effortlessly to Taylor Swift's voice, I cried. Happy tears. Hopeful tears...bittersweet tears. I can beg Hal to never grow up, but that's impossible. She will...and I pray she and I both handle it with grace and love. 

And I'll always know that in my mind, she will always be "this little". 

Sweet ballet friends...

Ballet--first year and fourth year! 

Tap--first and fourth year!

Love these sweet girls!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Jonathan and I celebrated 10 years of marriage...and I celebrated the last day of school on my milestone anniversary. 

I cannot believe 10 years has passed. I love him more than that first day I saw him at the end of a school hallway in Cheyenne, WY. And I know I'll love him even more 10 years from now. Marriage is work...but it's worth it. There's nothing else that can make you crazy and happy and furious and heartbroken all on different days, and still be worth the time and effort. So many people jugs walk away from that commitment. I cannot say that the 10 years have been all sunshine and roses--we are human. But we both mad a promise to each other, and thank The Lord, we are both promise keepers! Through good times and bad, through rich days and poor days, through sickness and in health.

I love you, Jonathan!! Here's to 10...20...30...40...50...100 more! Muah!

So Long First Grade

Last day of First Grade

Second grade, here she comes! 

Awards Day

Hallie is such a smart, creative, and talented little girl! She loves learning and we pray that love for learning will continue well into her higher education days! This year, Hallie was one of two top achievers in the entire first grade...she had one of the two highest over-all averages! I was amazed and so proud! She also took her GT project to the district fair, got the Spanish award, Music Award, Perfect Attendance, and All A honor roll. She was pretty excited about her big goodie bag for Top Achiever!

Keep Calm and Play On

Field Day was super fun this year because Hallie's class was outside with my class (since I teach first grade and she was in first grade). I could easily see her compete in all the events, tell her to keep her mouth closed during the muddy water slide, and we her class won't be tug-of-war battle! The sun stayed behind some clouds and the temps stayed unseasonably cool. It was perfect! 
Hal and her teacher, Mrs. Miller

It's been a while...

Goodness. No posts since Mother's Day. Gotta catch up with the goings on of the two HSE girls! Stay tuned!