Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big Girl Bed!

We did it! We converted Hallie's bed into a toddler bed. We've been thinking for some time now that we would change it...but honestly, we didn't want to let go of her being in a "baby bed". ::sniff sniff:: We didn't change it because Hallie was climbing over the rails--she wasn't. Here's how the change finally came to be: On Wednesday night, Jonathan was sick (fever) and I was just plain exhausted. I'll just be honest--I didn't want to go through the sometimes hour long bedtime routine that meant Hallie would sleep in her bed (as she usually does). So as a "special treat" (read: Mommy's lazy), I asked Hallie if she wanted to sleep with Mommy. She, of course, was totally excited about it. I put her up in the bed and then went into the living room to check on Jonathan. She called for me one time. And then she was sound asleep. I mean SOUND ASLEEP! The thought hit me that she's probably ready for us to convert her bed into a toddler bed because I figured she liked the open feeling of our "big bed".

Well...tonight, after a no-nap, spend the day with Gramps and RahRah, lots of candy, trick-or-treating, fall festival kind of day, we decided tonight was the night. Ha! On the way home from the fall festival, we stopped by Target to let Hallie pick out a new blanket for her big girl bed. She spotted some "colors" she just had to have, too! Ha! I told her they were colored pencils, like Mommy's, and that there was a pencil sharpener. The rest of the night, she needed her "sharpening pencils". :o)

Daddy fixed Hallie's bed while I bathed the princess. When she was done, she was SO excited that Daddy was fixing her a surprise. She ran in their naked as a bird and screamed, "Oh boy!" while jumping right onto her bed. She played, she jumped, she rolled around and snuggled up to the side...and was instantly in love with her "new bed". You would thinks he had a new bed with 100 more square footage! Ha! What a difference it makes to just lose the front of your bed.

After we tucked Hallie in, I told her that she does not need to get out of the bed until Mommy or Daddy goes in to get her. I told her that she should call for us when she wakes up. We'll see if she remembers to do that! So far, she sleeping peacefully! Time passes so quickly.

So...I believe Thursday night was the last night I rocked my princess and snuggled up to her in the rocking chair...and the last night that she slept in her baby bed (she sometimes sleeps with us on Friday nights so we can all snuggle and watch cartoons Saturday mornings). It was the last night I picked up her sweet, tired baby self and reached over the front rail to lay her down in her bed. My sweet baby is growing up...and it's all happening a little too fast for my enjoyment!

Hallie's little treat...her pencils and
her new blanket

So excited about her new bed!

Happy Hallie-ween!

Hallie was VERY excited about trick-or-treating today. About a month ago, we asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween and her reply was "pink". So I made her a pink Crayola crayon costume and she was extremely excited about it. I think Hallie was the cutest little crayon ever! We went to the fall festival at Columbus Avenue Baptist, but before we headed out, we had to go visit our sweet neighbors Mrs. Rosemary, Mr. Jim, and Amanda so Hallie could actually trick-or-treat. On the (short) walk to their house, Hallie kept saying, "Trick or treat, trick or treat!" She was SO excited. All the way to the church, Hallie was super excited! I think she had a very fun Halloween! And if you'd like to take a walk down memory lane with's the little Ballerina Hallie from last year!

Miss Pink Crayon!

Tossing the flowers...she was pretty good at this!

Treasure hunt!

Sweep the Pumpkin!

Going fishing

Feed the Can--tossing bags into the can...she
did not follow the rules--she didn't stay behind the line! :o)

Loving the tiny bouncy house!

Happy Hallie-ween!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Toy Story!

Our sweet girl has been a little under the weather, so our plans for going to the Homecoming parade this morning got cancelled. Wednesday night, Hallie had a random fever and was just not acting like herself. Then she ran just a little fever Thursday...but b/c of that Thursday fever, she had to stay home Friday (you're supposed to be fever free for 24 hours before heading back to "school"...and I'm a parent who follows that rule). So rather than heading out into the cold, we grabbed some breakfast and headed to the movies. It was Hallie's first time to a movie theater. They were having a double feature--Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D. She absolutely LOVED it! She was so great the whole time and felt like such a big girl. We only watched Toy Story because 4 hours is a bit much. The 3D glasses were a bit too big for Hallie, but we managed. I know this was the first of many movies! :o)

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Hallie Kind of Morning...

Conversations with Hallie...

It all started around 8:30 am

H: Mommeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Mommeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Mommeeeeeeee!!!!!!
K: Good morning, sweet love!
H: (giggling) I ready to get up.
K: Well, come on!
H: Daddy's a boy.
K: That's right! Daddy is a boy!
H: And I'm a girl.
K: Yep. You're a girl. What am I?
H: You're a girl.
K: I am! How many girls are there?
H: Two girls. And just one boy...Daddy. I'm a girl. You're a girl. But Daddy's a boy. He not a girl. :o)


H: Hey, I not go to Miss Pattie's today?
K: No...because you had a fever yesterday. So you're home until you're all better.
H: I not have fever again. My tummy not hurt again. And my head not hurt again.
Again = anymore :o)


H: I want some breakfast please.
K: OK. What do you want?
H: I want croissant.
K: Alright, let's get ready.
H: I need some clothes. I not wear my PJs. I go find some clothes. Come on, Mommy. I show you.
K: OK, but you need to wear something under your dress because it's COLD outside!
H: OK...I just want some little pants (holding her finger and thumb together to show me "little"). How about these? (she holds up bloomers)
K: need longer pants because it's COLD outside!
H: I know! My pink leggies. And spark-wee shoes (sparkly shoes) And I need a bow!
K: What color bow do you need?

That's my girl! :o)

Hallie's Hallie :o)

After Hallie and I got dressed, the conversation continued:
H: We need to get Daddy a croissant. He my be hungee.
K: I bet Daddy already ate breakfast.
H: Call him!


We were about to eat our breakfast and Hallie noticed Uncle J's can of Mountain Dew on the end table.
H: Hey...that's Uncle J's.
K: Yeah, I'll throw it away.
H: I get it. I throw it away.
K: OK. Thank you!
H: (on the way to the trash can) Here, I not throw it away. It's yucky. It's coffee.
K: No, it's not coffee.
H: It's teaf?! (tea)
K: No, it's another drink...Mountain Dew.
H: Oh. I not like Mountain Dew. It's yucky.

If she only knew...Mountain Dew is quite tasty! :o)

Oh...she keeps us in stitches. And she is SO incredibly sweet! I heart Hallie!

A Visit from Mary Poppins!

Last night we got a fun late-night visit from Uncle J. While he was here, the doorbell rang. Daddy and Hallie answered the door to find a pumpkin at the end of our garage! On top...a card. Hallie was SO excited. The first thing she said was, "A pumpkin!" Then she said, "There's Mary Poppins!" So fun! Mary Poppins had left Hallie a Halloween pumpkin. This might be a tradition that "Mary Poppins" will have to do year after year!

This morning, Hallie was sitting on the couch...the little conversation started like this, "Where's Uncle J? Hey!!! I know! Wanna go see my Mary Poppins punkin?!"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun at the Punkin' Patch!

We spent our Sunday afternoon at Kaska Family Farm in West, Texas. Hallie was so excited about going to the pumpkin patch, and this place did not disappoint her! I am so glad I found this little place! I have been wanting the "pumpkin patch" experience for Hallie for a while now. Translated: I wanted the picture of her with a pumpkin! Turns out...I didn't get a single picture of Hallie and a pumpkin. Ha! So, we might have to visit a little patch in town (one of those that's not really a patch) just so I can get a few pictures. But shh...don't tell Jonathan! ;o) When we got there, we were given a duck with our admission to race. Now, I had honestly never heard of such, though I had seen it on others' blogs. But this was so much fun and Hallie absolutely loved it! After the duck races we headed over to the cow train. I really wanted to ride this with Hallie, but all the cows that were big enough for adults were taking by little ones with smaller bottoms than mine! Ha! So Hallie braved this by herself...wearing a smile the ENTIRE time! It was very cute! Jonathan was excited about the Corn Maze...though 20 minutes into it, the excitement retired and the frustration joined us. Ha! Hallie was a trooper, as were Gramps and RahRah. The rest of the afternoon was spent getting mud (from the maze) off shoes, riding a hayride, and playing in the corn box. The corn box, by far, was Hallie's favorite. There were a few things that Hallie couldn't do because of her sweet little collarbone, so next year should be even more fun (and we'll skip the corn maze)! Here are a few (OK, many) pictures of our trip! Enjoy!

Waiting her turn for the duck race!

Look at that sweet smile!

Getting ready to ride!

Already over?!

Whew...will we ever find the exit?!

We're out! We're out!

Monkey see, Monkey Do. Hal picking mud off her
shoes like Gramps and RahRah. Sweet.

The corn box! So much fun!


The Mr. and Mrs. :o)

Loving the corn box...glad we saw this last!
We might not have done anything else!

Hallie had so much fun...she was tuckered out!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So Excited!

Sunday afternoon, we headed to the pumpkin patch. Hallie was SO excited to be going. And of course, I had to make a shirt (and matching bow) for the occasion. Jonathan said that Hallie's going to have a complex, thinking that she has to have a themed shirt for every "out of the ordinary" thing she goes to. Hello?! Does he not know that she does?! :o) Hallie was very excited about her pumpkin shirt...the pumpkin shirt that Daddy convinced Hallie was an apple b/c it didn't look enough like a pumpkin to him. Gee, thanks. Ha! Here are a few shots snapped of Hallie and her new shirt taken as we waited on Daddy to head to the pumpkin patch!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Show Us Your Crafts!

I love reading Kelly's Korner. Every Friday, she has a new "Show Us Your Life" post where people all over the blogging community come together and let you sneak a "tour" of their lives. It's quite fun and entertaining. I've never been brave enough to let anyone sneak a peek into our perfectly chaotic life. However, I couldn't pass up this week's tour--homemade goodies. If you know me, you know this is one of my favorite things in the world. If you know me and didn't realize that, now you do. :o) I have created a blog just for my crafts. Keeping with the "theme" of my blogging, it is lovingly called Craft Happies. I have lots of happy things on there and would love to create your perfect happy for any occasion! Take a peek! :o) Just don't steal my ideas without asking...that would make me a little sad.

Just click below!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making Monsters

Hallie had a doctor's appointment today with an orthopedic doctor. He took a look at her x-rays from last week and basically told us what we already know. Hallie needs to stay in her little arm contraption, er brace for another couple of weeks at least. On November 4, she'll go in for new x-rays to check to see that her collarbone has healed properly. Her collarbone has the little callous over the break now where it has already started healing. Praise the Lord! She has definitely been a trooper through all of this. Although yesterday she managed to wriggle out of her brace with a firm, "I don't need it! My arm's all better!" Stinker.

Hallie's appointment was at 9 am, so I took the day off. I had no idea how long the appointment would take and we didn't want to be rushed for me to get back to school. It turns out, we were finished at 10:30, so I could have easily headed back to school. But I'm SO glad I didn't! Hallie and I had a yummy breakfast and then made the monsters that Nonna sent yesterday.

The monsters...I want y'all to know (all five of you!) that Miss Priss made these monsters ALL by herself! The only thing I did was take the stickers off the sticker sheet for her. I was impressed with her monsters. Now she wants to go to Target (Nonna found this little kit in the Dollar Spot) and get some more monsters to make...she loves crafts! :o)

Notice the little "arms"...well, those are in fact shoes.
Hallie said so. Ha! She wanted to put arms on the red
one later and I said she already had arms. Hallie
quickly corrected me by saying, "No she doesn't. She
doesn't have arms. She has shoes." Oh. Pardon me. ;o)

The finished monsters! Didn't she do a great job?!

Making Monsters!
You'll hear my phone causing the camera to "buzz".
Don't's not your computer! :o)

Talking on the phone...she is getting SO big!