Friday, October 23, 2009

A Hallie Kind of Morning...

Conversations with Hallie...

It all started around 8:30 am

H: Mommeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Mommeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Mommeeeeeeee!!!!!!
K: Good morning, sweet love!
H: (giggling) I ready to get up.
K: Well, come on!
H: Daddy's a boy.
K: That's right! Daddy is a boy!
H: And I'm a girl.
K: Yep. You're a girl. What am I?
H: You're a girl.
K: I am! How many girls are there?
H: Two girls. And just one boy...Daddy. I'm a girl. You're a girl. But Daddy's a boy. He not a girl. :o)


H: Hey, I not go to Miss Pattie's today?
K: No...because you had a fever yesterday. So you're home until you're all better.
H: I not have fever again. My tummy not hurt again. And my head not hurt again.
Again = anymore :o)


H: I want some breakfast please.
K: OK. What do you want?
H: I want croissant.
K: Alright, let's get ready.
H: I need some clothes. I not wear my PJs. I go find some clothes. Come on, Mommy. I show you.
K: OK, but you need to wear something under your dress because it's COLD outside!
H: OK...I just want some little pants (holding her finger and thumb together to show me "little"). How about these? (she holds up bloomers)
K: need longer pants because it's COLD outside!
H: I know! My pink leggies. And spark-wee shoes (sparkly shoes) And I need a bow!
K: What color bow do you need?

That's my girl! :o)

Hallie's Hallie :o)

After Hallie and I got dressed, the conversation continued:
H: We need to get Daddy a croissant. He my be hungee.
K: I bet Daddy already ate breakfast.
H: Call him!


We were about to eat our breakfast and Hallie noticed Uncle J's can of Mountain Dew on the end table.
H: Hey...that's Uncle J's.
K: Yeah, I'll throw it away.
H: I get it. I throw it away.
K: OK. Thank you!
H: (on the way to the trash can) Here, I not throw it away. It's yucky. It's coffee.
K: No, it's not coffee.
H: It's teaf?! (tea)
K: No, it's another drink...Mountain Dew.
H: Oh. I not like Mountain Dew. It's yucky.

If she only knew...Mountain Dew is quite tasty! :o)

Oh...she keeps us in stitches. And she is SO incredibly sweet! I heart Hallie!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see Hallie is feeling much better. She is a sweetie and a cutie. Hugs & kisses, Nonna