Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mouths of Babes

We're watching the NBA All Star Challenge...while it's family fun, the commercials aren't always family friendly. We muted a few, changed the channel for a few, and covered Hallie's eyes for most.

Then the new Wizard of Oz movie trailer showed. Excitedly, Hallie asked if she could see that movie. We said no, that she isn't old enough...and that it's sad bc it could have been a cool movie for kids. Then a while later, the new Jack and the Beanstalk trailer showed. Without thinking, I asked "What in the world are they doing to kids' fairytales?!" Jonathan said he said he didn't know. Without missing a beat, Hallie said, "'s like they're destroying our fun little fairytales."

She has no idea.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Double Take

Well, sort of.  Let's just say if they both had brown eyes (or blue), I would have to label the pictures. :o)  I love my sweet little lookalikes!  

Hallie:  Brown Eyes
Harper:  Blue Eyes

Both: 6 months old

Our Silly Valentines

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day being on a weekday.  Of course, no one asked me.  It's pretty exhausting to  work all day wrangling 18 six year olds and keep them "on task and engaged in instruction" when they have a Valentine's party at 2:30.  That's 6 hours and 45 minutes worth of wrangling, people.  If it were up to me, party days would consist of going to school at 10 am, partying until noon and sending the children home. :o)  No?  That won't work?  hahaha.

Daddy took his girls out to Olive Garden last night because we all have a favorite dish there...and Hallie can eat her weight in their salad (and olives).  So we got there super early, were immediately seated, and then waited on Daddy. :o)  Then Jonathan's parents met up with us with Valentine surprises in tow.  Hallie got a super cute Melissa & Doug peel and press sticker by number and Harper got "take 2" of Five Little Monkeys (with the hand puppet). You should know that it's "take 2" because Hallie got the very same book and hand puppet when she was itty bitty.  And Charley ate the hand puppet.  In fact, he didn't just eat the hand puppet...he gnawed the faces off each monkey.  Weirdo.  Charley has aged since then...and has little interest in anything other than food and squeaky toys.  Haha!

Big Girl Hallie's reading Five Little Monkeys to sweet Harper
 Hallie with her completed peel and stick craft!

Harper's interested in these naughty little monkeys.

Hallie got tons of Valentines and got to share these little goodies! :o)

Happy Heart Day!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sweet Harper

At 12:02 am, sweet Harper turned 6 months old.  Thankfully, she wasn't awake for it.  Last night, she blessed this tired mommy by sleeping all night long!  She woke at 6 am for breakfast, laid down beside me, chatted for a few minutes and then went back to sleep...until 9:30!!  I'm not sure who had the happiest 6 months...Harper or Mommy! :o)

Harper's 6 month check up is next week, so I'll have her stats then.  For now, I'll give some updates on what our littlest princess is up to.

*New nickname: Scoot-a-Lou...during diaper changes, Harper arches her back and scoots completely off the diaper.  She did this with Jonathan the other night and scooted right into the wall (her changing table is in the corner).  She stopped, turned her head sideways/upside down and looked at the wall, perplexed. :o)
*Probably weighs over 17 lbs.  I'll check my estimate next week.
*Wears some 6-9 month clothes, mostly 9 month clothes, and some 6-12 month close.  She's a healthy girl!
*Size 3 diaper (although they're getting pretty snug).
*Still has blue eyes! :o)
*Has the sweetest disposition.
*Goes to Miss Amy's 5 days a week and is completely loved there!  She is always so happy when she is dropped off and picked up.  I know she has a blast with Amy (& and often Mr. Joe, too).  I cannot express how blessed we have been by them!  Amy will have her own little bundle (added to their two teenage boys) at the end of March!  I can't wait to meet him. :o)
*Eats every 3-4 hours...blessed to still be able to nurse her and pump milk for her to have while she's away from me!
*Rolls over--when she wants to.  Ha!
*Holds toys in both hands and can pass from one hand to the other.
*Laughs often.
*Can sit on her own for a minute or so at a time.
*Thinks her big sister, Hallie, is the cat's meow!
*Coos, babbles, "talks" all the time!

Sweet girl is 6 months young! :o)

Don't be fooled...this is really how Harper feels about tummy time!  Ha!

Happy 6 months, sweet girl!  Can't wait for more celebrations!



Harper turned 6 months old she celebrated by trying real food!  She has been quite interested for some time now in what we were eating, so I knew she was ready.  But I'm a rule I had to wait until she was 6 months.  That seems does her body know it's 6 months old?!  Ha.  Nonetheless, today we started with fresh avocado.  I never made any of Hallie's foods when she was little, so this is a new experience for me.  So far, I love the idea and feeling of giving her fresh foods.  Avocado is high in fat and nutrients--a perfect first food.  Harper loved it!  I can't wait to fix more foods for her to enjoy! :o)

Nonna got to see Harper trying the avocado thanks to FaceTime!

This look doesn't show how much she loved it!  Ha!

Hallie feeding Harper the "applecado"...she was SO excited!

 Happy with yummy avocado in her tummy!!

 Tomorrow I think we'll try pears to aid in digestion.  I know I'm supposed to wait 3 days...but I'll know it was one or the other if she has any type of allergic reaction! :o)