Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Silly Valentines

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day being on a weekday.  Of course, no one asked me.  It's pretty exhausting to  work all day wrangling 18 six year olds and keep them "on task and engaged in instruction" when they have a Valentine's party at 2:30.  That's 6 hours and 45 minutes worth of wrangling, people.  If it were up to me, party days would consist of going to school at 10 am, partying until noon and sending the children home. :o)  No?  That won't work?  hahaha.

Daddy took his girls out to Olive Garden last night because we all have a favorite dish there...and Hallie can eat her weight in their salad (and olives).  So we got there super early, were immediately seated, and then waited on Daddy. :o)  Then Jonathan's parents met up with us with Valentine surprises in tow.  Hallie got a super cute Melissa & Doug peel and press sticker by number and Harper got "take 2" of Five Little Monkeys (with the hand puppet). You should know that it's "take 2" because Hallie got the very same book and hand puppet when she was itty bitty.  And Charley ate the hand puppet.  In fact, he didn't just eat the hand puppet...he gnawed the faces off each monkey.  Weirdo.  Charley has aged since then...and has little interest in anything other than food and squeaky toys.  Haha!

Big Girl Hallie's reading Five Little Monkeys to sweet Harper
 Hallie with her completed peel and stick craft!

Harper's interested in these naughty little monkeys.

Hallie got tons of Valentines and got to share these little goodies! :o)

Happy Heart Day!

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