Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sweet friends

There's nothing like having a friend who you can go shopping with and go to the beauty parlor! Loved watching these two pretend they were on the way to Smarty Pants Consignment (a mailbox down the street) and then to the beauty parlor (a neighbor's driveway). The conversation was adorable and the giggles contagious. They even let Harper in on the fun. So very thankful for sweet friends!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chugga chugga

Harper had her first experience riding the little train at Lion's Park today! I'm pretty sure she loved it. Though it's possible that she was unimpressed. :o) Either way, she was pretty cute!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Eight Months

...just a little late.

Harper turned 8 months old April 2.  I'm a little behind.  But not as behind as posting her 7 month snapshot.  Yeah, that never happened.  So, let's go back in time just a minute.  Harper turned 7 months old March 2...coincidentally, that was when Hallie turned 6 years old.  Sadly, I was busy cleaning that day in preparation for my parents' arrival.  And it was Hallie's birthday, so the focus was on her.  So I didn't get the 7 month shot.  The week following was busy.  And the week after was busy with Spring Break in Alabama.'s my solution.

Fast forward to today.  Just 5 days after turning 8 months old.  I'm getting better, right? ;o)  Harper is growing beautifully...chunky cheeks and chunky thighs!  She is such a happy baby.  At least, she's happy until she's not.  Ha!  Her little personality is starting to really shine, and she is participating in back and forth play.  If I sing, she'll join me.  Her latest "talent" is having a really "bad cough".  It's adorable!  I'm not sure how much she weighs, though I'm betting close to 20 pounds (if not more).  

*Rolling along...she has been rolling from her tummy to back (to avoid tummy time) for quite some time.  She is so content playing on her back...but lately she is rolling from back to tummy.  In fact, this happened every 30 minutes two nights in a row.  And she would wake up screaming.  I'm telling you...the girl does not like tummy time! 
*Sitting up beautifully.  We still put the Boppy pillow around her because on occasion she just throws herself backward. :o)
*Wakes around 5:30-6:00, nurses and goes back to sleep until at least 7:00.  Some mornings she isn't awake again before Hallie and I leave for school.  Usually takes 2 naps a day.  Sometimes she will squeeze in a 3rd nap in the evening.
*Eats oatmeal/prunes at Miss Becky's and then has two bottles and a homemade pureed lunch there.
*We are enjoying making Harper's baby food.  So far she has had avocado, pears, apples, sweet potato (her fave), peas (loved them, but caused lots of constipation), and green beans.  We tried butternut squash and her face broke out.  Probably a fluke.  
*Very curious, very playful.
*Has two categories for items she picks up:  dangles/non-dangles...when she picks something up, she immediately checks to see if it will hang (or dangle) from her thumb.  She studies it closely.  Such a little thinker already!
*Plays back and forth--will sing with me and pretend coughs.  Both are adorable.
*Loves bath time...splashes wildly!

We are loving this little girl!  It's so much more relaxed the second time around!

 So happy!

Wait...what's this?

Can I eat it?!

The months just go so fast!