Friday, March 28, 2014

Bumpity Bump Bump Goes the Noggin

(This was originally written 02.23.14)

Well, Harper has managed to get yet 
another knot on her head! I guess she's trying to get the world record. She's certainly well on her way to surpassing the number of bumps Hallie had during her toddler days! She may even surpass her own daddy from *his* toddler days! And according to his mom, he walked around with a goose egg for years! 

Nonetheless, Harper has had bump after bump on her sweet little noggin. I believe this may be her 4th. Maybe 5th. Thankfully, a bump has always popped up, and she has never acted abnormal. Today a she was morning her own business, walking around outside while Daddy trimmed Charley's (our dog) fur. It was beautifully sunny, so she and I both had on sunglasses. She was very excited about the sunglasses (which happened to belong to 18 month old Hallie back in the day). It all went downhill from there. 

She started off all Hollywood cool 

She strutted around the yard before heading back up the driveway to oversee Charley's trim. 

I told Jonathan I was going to put something away inside, to keep an eye on her. As I turned to go inside, he didn't get "ok" out of his mouth before we heard a thud followed by screaming. 

These were under a screaming baby. (Taken long after the fact...Harper got monkey ice and lots of love before we returned to the crash sight.). These babies fell into two pieces when we picked them up. Harper said they were "shash" and wanted to throw them away. As soon as she threw them into the trash can, she cried and immediately wanted them back out! Sentimental like her Mommy.  

Daddy tried to snap the bruise but caught gorgeous baby blues instead. 

Poor thing! She's a trooper, heading to RahRah's for a little while. 

She got a ponytail to take her mind off the scrape and bump! Cute!! 

Calling it a night. Poor baby!! Even with scratches and bruises and bumps, she's still the sweetest thing! 

So. Hopefully it will heal quickly. And then she'll bump her head again, I'm sure. She's talented like that!! Runs in the family!

18 months

(This was written 02.02.14 and I didn't realize it didn't publish! Sigh.) 

Our sweet Harper is 18 months old today! I cannot believe it has been a year and a half since she burst into our lives in record time. Her little personality is really beginning to shine through, and lately she has become quite opinionated. It is absolutely adorable. She has more words in her little vocabulary than I can even list. She will finally try to say just about anything you ask her to say. A few favorites lately: 
*buffalo (buh-buh-lo)
*tiger (tiiii-guh)
*turtle (tur-tuhl)
*Elmo (el-momo)
*book (boo)
*more (moy...a reminder from Hallie's baby days)
Her vocabulary and understanding is amazing. She can follow two step commands and really loves trying to explain things to us! And she has a new love for Elmo that's just too cute to not let her see an episode now and again. 

Today she spent her half birthday with two bottom molars coming in, a runny nose, and a low grade fever. She was a bit grumpy, but we headed to church where she surprised Gramps and RahRah by walking up and saying hi. Then she sat with them during a large part of the service (we sat right behind them). We "celebrated" (um, we just are lunch) at Rosa's. Harper had some rice, chips and queso and some chicken. Then she got a little treat of M&Ms with her goldfish while I went to school to work. :o) Seriously, Harper did turn 18 months today...but we didn't make a big deal out of it. Jonathan did take her to Toys R Us to get a new Nose Frida...and came home with an Elmo chair! Haha. Daddy is a sucker! 

Happy 18 months, sweet love!! 

It was hard to get a picture of this little girl...she's always on the move! 

Who needs a fancy PBK chair when you can have Elmo?! Ha!

Oh yes. And she had a powdered donut!

So big, she can just read to herself!