Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cool, Cool Summer

The second week we were in Alabama, Hallie joined her cousins at their church's Vacation Bible School.  Hallie had *so* much fun that week and learned lots of fun, new songs that she is still singing.  I got tickled the first night--I was asking her what she learned, and Abby piped up and told us all she had learned.  Abby (in true Abby fashion) just kept talking and talking about how Paul stayed in jail after it had collapsed while Hallie was trying to interject what she had learned.  Finally, Nonna said, "OK, Abby...let Hallie have a turn."  lol.  Hallie said, very proudly, that she had learned that beavers break sticks  with their sharp teeth to build dams, and that they swim under water.  Mom and I nearly lost it with laughter.  So, all Hallie had learned at VBS was about beavers.  I asked if she learned anything about Jesus.  And she said, "Oh, of course...I learned that a little boy had fish and bread and shared it with Jesus to feed a WHOLE BUNCH of people."  Evidently, the beavers were just a little more interesting to her. :o)

Thursday night was family night, so the kids got to share the songs they learned and they received a little certificate.

"It's a cool, cool summer...learning to trust in Jesus!" :o)
"Our God is an awesome God..."

Hattie Grace and Hallie with their PreK class...the largest class at VBS!

Abby's class

Hands On Science

We took the girls to the McWane Science Center in Birmingham.  I think if there hadn't been 5 different day camps there with a total of 200+ extra kids (*at least*), I would have been more impressed.  But there were long lines for every exhibit, and those day camp kids needed a little lesson in manners.  Frankly, I think there should have been a little more done by the employees at the museum to keep the kids from running, shoving, and pushing the non-day campers around.  At one point, my mom nearly got pushed down the stairs.  While my mom and I were annoyed and swore we'd never go back (at least I did), the three littles had tones of fun and didn't even notice all the chaos around them.

In a tornado!

Giving the weather report...

...and then watching themselves give the weather report.


I think Hallie could have stayed at this exhibit the entire time.  She loved it...and thought it was hilarious every single time she stuck her face into the little "needles".  She's so goofy!  Love her!

Sharks!  The girls got to touch the littel sharks that were swimming around in their pool.  There were also stingray, but they never made their way over to the girls.

This little exhibit was also one of Hal's favorites.  She got to "wash" the animals, then x-ray them to see how they had been hurt.  Then she got to make them feel better.  We didn't find this exhibit until toward the end of our visit.  I fear we might have spent our entire time here if we had've found it first! :o)

 Then the girls built a huge house out of foam blocks!  This was right before a little boy came over and completely knocked down their architectural masterpiece!

I'm not really sure what these are called...but it's pretty neat.  There's candy or something falling from the sky, and you can create a bucket for them.  The girls thought this was pretty neat.

Another screen was like a butterfly house, and they would land on your shadow--notice the huge butterfly on Abby's shadow head! :o)

This escalator has been transformed into an incredible slide!  This was a huge hit with the girls!

Abby tested her strength using the pulley system.  She kept saying, "This is NOT easy!"

I know the girls had fun...we left the museum and headed straight to Vacation Bible School.  Needless to say, we were all worn out by the end of this little adventurous day! :o)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Baby Sprinkle

As I said before, I have done a horrible job of capturing moments via photography.  I don't know if I'm in a slump or just too tired to think about it.  Needless to say, I didn't get hardly any pictures from Harper's sweet little Baby Sprinkle the first weekend we were home.  I got a few pictures, but nothing super exciting...and no pictures of me with any of the sweet guests.  Thankfully, my sweet friend Amy snapped some shots. Hopefully I'll get those sometime soon.  :o)  I really enjoyed the company of sweet friends and family--we enjoyed BBQ, yummy snacks, and swimming!  Here are a few pictures I snapped...

Yummy food!

Fruit cones.  So delicious!

My mom painted this thumbprint tree for the guests to sign.  It's so super sweet!

The Big Sister (in blue) making a BIG splash! :o)

Amy signing the tree.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I-20 East

The evening of Father's Day, we headed eastbound on I-20. 32 weeks pregnant, riding 15+ hours in a car is *exactly* what I wanted to be doing! Ha!  It wasn't terrible, though.  Thankfully, my dad stopped *every single time* I needed to potty.  And once we hit Louisiana, that need was about every 30 minutes (seriously, they should REALLY repave those roads!).  We thankfully spent the night a little over half-way and made the rest of the drive Monday morning.  We were all thankful for a soft bed to stretch out on!

Abby and Hallie played a little Travel Bingo--a fun game I scored at the closing of our sweet kid shop, Pinwheel Kids.  Man, I'm going to miss that shop!

Crossing over the *very low* Mississippi River!

Nothing like a little piggy back ride from your cousin!

My sweet, beautiful girl!

Pop and two of his sweet girls!  Nonna didn't make the trek up the stairs this time. :o)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Alabama Comes to Texas

My parents and niece came for a visit!  Hallie had been eagerly awaiting their arrival.  Unfortunately, I've not done a very good job lately of keeping up with the goings on of Hallie via pictures.  But here's a few from the week. :o)

We went to the YMCA and swam.

You're never too old to snuggle with Nonna!

Hallie at swim lessons--she is a little fish!

Floating in the water.

A great week of swim lessons!

One of the skills this week was swimming underwater, on the bottom of the pool.  Hallie hasn't mastered this quite yet.  When I asked her why she wasn't able to swim on the bottom of the pool, she answered in the *sweetest* voice, "I'm just too floaty!"  LOL.  

Next up...traveling to Alabama. :o)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

iDance 2012

(Warning!!  Picture Overload to come!)

This has been a wonderful dance weekend at Joy's School of Dance.  Yesterday morning, Hallie had her dress rehearsal on the "big stage", practicing for today's recital--"iDance".  Yesterday's practice left many of the moms (including myself) scratching their heads, wondering if they had been practicing a routine at all (which we know they had...we watch them every week).  Honestly, we were all a little nervous for today's performance.  I'm telling you, Jonathan (b/c he went to the rehearsal to video it) and I were both blown away...the little dancers did a fantastic job!  Of course, I couldn't take my eyes off Hallie...and when she finally spotted us in the crowd, she had the sweetest little smile on her face.  I was completely teary-eyed during her entire dance.  It was so sweet, and Hallie did a wonderful job dancing this afternoon!  Goodness, gracious...I sure do love that sweet girl!

Hallie doing "swaves" (ballet sways). :o)

The whole class...sweet little ballerinas dancing to Belle's Tale as Old as Time.

First position.

Time to Twist and Shout!

Sweet Dance Friends!
Lily, Ivy, Hallie, Caroline, & Rebekah

Hallie with her dance teacher, Miss Sam.

Sweet friends--Caroline & Hallie

Lining up for their first dance!

So excited!  I absolutely ADORE this sweet little girl!

Playing in between dances--Lily & Hallie

Ready to do her tap routine!

After the show--flowers from Daddy!

Grampsy couldn't make it--he had a gig.  But he sent his love by RahRah via sweet pink roses. :o)

Hallie & RahRah

Our sweet little dancer!
Flowers from Daddy & Grampsy, and Winky (the kitty) got a recital outfit from Nonna & Pop. :o)