Friday, June 15, 2012

Alabama Comes to Texas

My parents and niece came for a visit!  Hallie had been eagerly awaiting their arrival.  Unfortunately, I've not done a very good job lately of keeping up with the goings on of Hallie via pictures.  But here's a few from the week. :o)

We went to the YMCA and swam.

You're never too old to snuggle with Nonna!

Hallie at swim lessons--she is a little fish!

Floating in the water.

A great week of swim lessons!

One of the skills this week was swimming underwater, on the bottom of the pool.  Hallie hasn't mastered this quite yet.  When I asked her why she wasn't able to swim on the bottom of the pool, she answered in the *sweetest* voice, "I'm just too floaty!"  LOL.  

Next up...traveling to Alabama. :o)

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