Monday, June 18, 2012

I-20 East

The evening of Father's Day, we headed eastbound on I-20. 32 weeks pregnant, riding 15+ hours in a car is *exactly* what I wanted to be doing! Ha!  It wasn't terrible, though.  Thankfully, my dad stopped *every single time* I needed to potty.  And once we hit Louisiana, that need was about every 30 minutes (seriously, they should REALLY repave those roads!).  We thankfully spent the night a little over half-way and made the rest of the drive Monday morning.  We were all thankful for a soft bed to stretch out on!

Abby and Hallie played a little Travel Bingo--a fun game I scored at the closing of our sweet kid shop, Pinwheel Kids.  Man, I'm going to miss that shop!

Crossing over the *very low* Mississippi River!

Nothing like a little piggy back ride from your cousin!

My sweet, beautiful girl!

Pop and two of his sweet girls!  Nonna didn't make the trek up the stairs this time. :o)

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