Monday, December 13, 2010

Jamming John 3:16

Now...hopefully you saw the sweet version of Hallie reciting John 3:16.  This video will tickle your funny bone!  She is a mess!  She made up her own tune to John cute!  I later asked her teacher if they had been singing a song to John 3:16 and she said they hadn' that told me that Hallie had completely made up her own song!  Love my little girl!

John 3:16

Hallie has been practicing the verse John 3:16 in her preschool class.  They are going to recite it at Chapel Service on Friday.  I had no idea they were even learning this verse...and one day driving down the road, she started reciting it.  It was PRECIOUS!  I got her to recite it for me so I could video it.  The quality isn't great since it was taken on my iPhone, but it's still adorable!

It's Beginning to Look a LOT Like Christmas!

 The tree is up and decorated!  The white dress is back...I thought I had it hidden, but not so much!  Ha! :o)

Our Christmas card picture attempts...

With Charley (per Hallie's request)...looks like I'm choking Jonathan!  Ha!

 Jonathan's not smiling!

Cute! :o)

Cute...but Hallie and Charley were moving...thus blurry!

I think we might have to do some retakes.  Sigh.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


It's beginning to look a lot like it's time to make CHRISTMAS COOKIES! :o)  This is one of our very favorite traditions.  When we put up the Christmas tree (in this case, just Hallie's tree), we bake Christmas cookies.  Yummy!  Hallie and Daddy were in charge of the cookies this time.  I can't wait to make some more because these were quickly gone!

Oh, a quick costume change. :o)