Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hands On Science

We took the girls to the McWane Science Center in Birmingham.  I think if there hadn't been 5 different day camps there with a total of 200+ extra kids (*at least*), I would have been more impressed.  But there were long lines for every exhibit, and those day camp kids needed a little lesson in manners.  Frankly, I think there should have been a little more done by the employees at the museum to keep the kids from running, shoving, and pushing the non-day campers around.  At one point, my mom nearly got pushed down the stairs.  While my mom and I were annoyed and swore we'd never go back (at least I did), the three littles had tones of fun and didn't even notice all the chaos around them.

In a tornado!

Giving the weather report...

...and then watching themselves give the weather report.


I think Hallie could have stayed at this exhibit the entire time.  She loved it...and thought it was hilarious every single time she stuck her face into the little "needles".  She's so goofy!  Love her!

Sharks!  The girls got to touch the littel sharks that were swimming around in their pool.  There were also stingray, but they never made their way over to the girls.

This little exhibit was also one of Hal's favorites.  She got to "wash" the animals, then x-ray them to see how they had been hurt.  Then she got to make them feel better.  We didn't find this exhibit until toward the end of our visit.  I fear we might have spent our entire time here if we had've found it first! :o)

 Then the girls built a huge house out of foam blocks!  This was right before a little boy came over and completely knocked down their architectural masterpiece!

I'm not really sure what these are called...but it's pretty neat.  There's candy or something falling from the sky, and you can create a bucket for them.  The girls thought this was pretty neat.

Another screen was like a butterfly house, and they would land on your shadow--notice the huge butterfly on Abby's shadow head! :o)

This escalator has been transformed into an incredible slide!  This was a huge hit with the girls!

Abby tested her strength using the pulley system.  She kept saying, "This is NOT easy!"

I know the girls had fun...we left the museum and headed straight to Vacation Bible School.  Needless to say, we were all worn out by the end of this little adventurous day! :o)

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