Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cool, Cool Summer

The second week we were in Alabama, Hallie joined her cousins at their church's Vacation Bible School.  Hallie had *so* much fun that week and learned lots of fun, new songs that she is still singing.  I got tickled the first night--I was asking her what she learned, and Abby piped up and told us all she had learned.  Abby (in true Abby fashion) just kept talking and talking about how Paul stayed in jail after it had collapsed while Hallie was trying to interject what she had learned.  Finally, Nonna said, "OK, Abby...let Hallie have a turn."  lol.  Hallie said, very proudly, that she had learned that beavers break sticks  with their sharp teeth to build dams, and that they swim under water.  Mom and I nearly lost it with laughter.  So, all Hallie had learned at VBS was about beavers.  I asked if she learned anything about Jesus.  And she said, "Oh, of course...I learned that a little boy had fish and bread and shared it with Jesus to feed a WHOLE BUNCH of people."  Evidently, the beavers were just a little more interesting to her. :o)

Thursday night was family night, so the kids got to share the songs they learned and they received a little certificate.

"It's a cool, cool summer...learning to trust in Jesus!" :o)
"Our God is an awesome God..."

Hattie Grace and Hallie with their PreK class...the largest class at VBS!

Abby's class


Kyetra said...

What book of the Bible are the beavers in? I think I missed it and I must read it now!

Nonna said...

I am sitting here at 11:30 at night laughing again about those beavers!! That was hilarious!! HAHA Too, too cute!!