Saturday, February 2, 2013


Harper turned 6 months old she celebrated by trying real food!  She has been quite interested for some time now in what we were eating, so I knew she was ready.  But I'm a rule I had to wait until she was 6 months.  That seems does her body know it's 6 months old?!  Ha.  Nonetheless, today we started with fresh avocado.  I never made any of Hallie's foods when she was little, so this is a new experience for me.  So far, I love the idea and feeling of giving her fresh foods.  Avocado is high in fat and nutrients--a perfect first food.  Harper loved it!  I can't wait to fix more foods for her to enjoy! :o)

Nonna got to see Harper trying the avocado thanks to FaceTime!

This look doesn't show how much she loved it!  Ha!

Hallie feeding Harper the "applecado"...she was SO excited!

 Happy with yummy avocado in her tummy!!

 Tomorrow I think we'll try pears to aid in digestion.  I know I'm supposed to wait 3 days...but I'll know it was one or the other if she has any type of allergic reaction! :o)

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