Monday, January 21, 2013

Looking Ahead

I don't know if it was the gorgeous weather we had today combined with the three day weekend...but something has given me Spring Fever!  And that's funny considering we just took our Christmas tree down today!  Ha!

The weekend has thankfully crept by!  We have rested, played, enjoyed each others' company...and done almost everything except clean (which is what I really needed to do)!  Ha!  I did least 1/3 of it.  I did the washing and the drying...but the folding/putting away has me stumped. :o)  Oh well...memories aren't generally made doing the laundry!

On Saturday, we relaxed at home.  It was blissful.  I played with Hallie and Harper, took the ornaments off the tree, and Jonathan took the lights down from outside (they've been off for a couple of weeks).  Yesterday, we went to church, had lunch, then browsed around at the bookstore and the mall.  Both days were enjoyable.  This morning, I loved waking up to baby sounds rather than a blaring alarm (er, 8 blaring alarms--lol).  Harper woke up around 7:00...she ate, we talked and played, then she was ready for a nap around 8:00.  Thankfully Hallie was still asleep, so I curled snuggled back into bed and went back to sleep until around 9:15!  Wonderful!!  We cleaned up (nothing spectacular, mind you), played, had a quick visit from some friends, and then headed to lunch and to the zoo.  My errands that needed to be done got pushed back...and I'm thankful to have a husband who'll go to the grocery store after the littles have been put to bed! :o)

Hallie and Harper had a blast at the zoo.  Harper napped for the first part of it, but was wide-eyed once she woke up and took in all her surroundings! :o)  It was a gorgeous day and we got there late enough that there weren't a ton of people out, but the animals were enjoying the cool weather.

With all that said, this weekend was a tease and definitely has me looking ahead to summer vacation!  I hate to wish the days away, but I love the time I get to spend with my sweet, little family. :o)

 We got to the zoo about an hour and a half before they closed...Hallie's favorite thing is to feed the fish.  Those poor fish were completely stuffed by the time Hallie got around to feeding them.  She threw in a handful of fish food and they just "sat there" underwater, not even attempting to swim to the top for food!  

Hallie made a "monkey noise"...and the orangutan turned toward her voice and walked up to her! :o)  Hallie was THRILLED!


Not so sure...

Hallie got a kick out of these birds just hanging out.

I think Harper enjoyed all the sights today!

I have always loved CPZ's aquarium, but I always wished they had something displayed by each tank to describe the fish.  Boy have they added the wow factor!  Each aquarium has a flat screen TV above it (here, the large aquarium's is beside it) that runs through a slideshow-type things to describe the fish in that tank!  Very cool!

I'm pretty sure Hallie could stay at this tree house all day!

Sweet sisters!

Mommy, what IS that?!

 Butterfly Hallie

All smiles...thanks to Hallie's silliness!

Harper was giggling and blowing bubbles, so Hallie had to join her! :o)

My little zoo girl!

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