Friday, October 23, 2009

A Visit from Mary Poppins!

Last night we got a fun late-night visit from Uncle J. While he was here, the doorbell rang. Daddy and Hallie answered the door to find a pumpkin at the end of our garage! On top...a card. Hallie was SO excited. The first thing she said was, "A pumpkin!" Then she said, "There's Mary Poppins!" So fun! Mary Poppins had left Hallie a Halloween pumpkin. This might be a tradition that "Mary Poppins" will have to do year after year!

This morning, Hallie was sitting on the couch...the little conversation started like this, "Where's Uncle J? Hey!!! I know! Wanna go see my Mary Poppins punkin?!"


The Belton Family said...

Boy, that Mary Poppins is pretty smart. I bet that she will have to keep this up for a few years.

Joy said...

SOOO cute!!