Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun at the Punkin' Patch!

We spent our Sunday afternoon at Kaska Family Farm in West, Texas. Hallie was so excited about going to the pumpkin patch, and this place did not disappoint her! I am so glad I found this little place! I have been wanting the "pumpkin patch" experience for Hallie for a while now. Translated: I wanted the picture of her with a pumpkin! Turns out...I didn't get a single picture of Hallie and a pumpkin. Ha! So, we might have to visit a little patch in town (one of those that's not really a patch) just so I can get a few pictures. But shh...don't tell Jonathan! ;o) When we got there, we were given a duck with our admission to race. Now, I had honestly never heard of such, though I had seen it on others' blogs. But this was so much fun and Hallie absolutely loved it! After the duck races we headed over to the cow train. I really wanted to ride this with Hallie, but all the cows that were big enough for adults were taking by little ones with smaller bottoms than mine! Ha! So Hallie braved this by herself...wearing a smile the ENTIRE time! It was very cute! Jonathan was excited about the Corn Maze...though 20 minutes into it, the excitement retired and the frustration joined us. Ha! Hallie was a trooper, as were Gramps and RahRah. The rest of the afternoon was spent getting mud (from the maze) off shoes, riding a hayride, and playing in the corn box. The corn box, by far, was Hallie's favorite. There were a few things that Hallie couldn't do because of her sweet little collarbone, so next year should be even more fun (and we'll skip the corn maze)! Here are a few (OK, many) pictures of our trip! Enjoy!

Waiting her turn for the duck race!

Look at that sweet smile!

Getting ready to ride!

Already over?!

Whew...will we ever find the exit?!

We're out! We're out!

Monkey see, Monkey Do. Hal picking mud off her
shoes like Gramps and RahRah. Sweet.

The corn box! So much fun!


The Mr. and Mrs. :o)

Loving the corn box...glad we saw this last!
We might not have done anything else!

Hallie had so much fun...she was tuckered out!

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