Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making Monsters

Hallie had a doctor's appointment today with an orthopedic doctor. He took a look at her x-rays from last week and basically told us what we already know. Hallie needs to stay in her little arm contraption, er brace for another couple of weeks at least. On November 4, she'll go in for new x-rays to check to see that her collarbone has healed properly. Her collarbone has the little callous over the break now where it has already started healing. Praise the Lord! She has definitely been a trooper through all of this. Although yesterday she managed to wriggle out of her brace with a firm, "I don't need it! My arm's all better!" Stinker.

Hallie's appointment was at 9 am, so I took the day off. I had no idea how long the appointment would take and we didn't want to be rushed for me to get back to school. It turns out, we were finished at 10:30, so I could have easily headed back to school. But I'm SO glad I didn't! Hallie and I had a yummy breakfast and then made the monsters that Nonna sent yesterday.

The monsters...I want y'all to know (all five of you!) that Miss Priss made these monsters ALL by herself! The only thing I did was take the stickers off the sticker sheet for her. I was impressed with her monsters. Now she wants to go to Target (Nonna found this little kit in the Dollar Spot) and get some more monsters to make...she loves crafts! :o)

Notice the little "arms"...well, those are in fact shoes.
Hallie said so. Ha! She wanted to put arms on the red
one later and I said she already had arms. Hallie
quickly corrected me by saying, "No she doesn't. She
doesn't have arms. She has shoes." Oh. Pardon me. ;o)

The finished monsters! Didn't she do a great job?!

Making Monsters!
You'll hear my phone causing the camera to "buzz".
Don't's not your computer! :o)

Talking on the phone...she is getting SO big!

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Anonymous said...

She did such a great job!! Takes after her mommy with the creativity. :-) Hugs & Kisses, Nonna