Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big Girl Bed!

We did it! We converted Hallie's bed into a toddler bed. We've been thinking for some time now that we would change it...but honestly, we didn't want to let go of her being in a "baby bed". ::sniff sniff:: We didn't change it because Hallie was climbing over the rails--she wasn't. Here's how the change finally came to be: On Wednesday night, Jonathan was sick (fever) and I was just plain exhausted. I'll just be honest--I didn't want to go through the sometimes hour long bedtime routine that meant Hallie would sleep in her bed (as she usually does). So as a "special treat" (read: Mommy's lazy), I asked Hallie if she wanted to sleep with Mommy. She, of course, was totally excited about it. I put her up in the bed and then went into the living room to check on Jonathan. She called for me one time. And then she was sound asleep. I mean SOUND ASLEEP! The thought hit me that she's probably ready for us to convert her bed into a toddler bed because I figured she liked the open feeling of our "big bed".

Well...tonight, after a no-nap, spend the day with Gramps and RahRah, lots of candy, trick-or-treating, fall festival kind of day, we decided tonight was the night. Ha! On the way home from the fall festival, we stopped by Target to let Hallie pick out a new blanket for her big girl bed. She spotted some "colors" she just had to have, too! Ha! I told her they were colored pencils, like Mommy's, and that there was a pencil sharpener. The rest of the night, she needed her "sharpening pencils". :o)

Daddy fixed Hallie's bed while I bathed the princess. When she was done, she was SO excited that Daddy was fixing her a surprise. She ran in their naked as a bird and screamed, "Oh boy!" while jumping right onto her bed. She played, she jumped, she rolled around and snuggled up to the side...and was instantly in love with her "new bed". You would thinks he had a new bed with 100 more square footage! Ha! What a difference it makes to just lose the front of your bed.

After we tucked Hallie in, I told her that she does not need to get out of the bed until Mommy or Daddy goes in to get her. I told her that she should call for us when she wakes up. We'll see if she remembers to do that! So far, she sleeping peacefully! Time passes so quickly.

So...I believe Thursday night was the last night I rocked my princess and snuggled up to her in the rocking chair...and the last night that she slept in her baby bed (she sometimes sleeps with us on Friday nights so we can all snuggle and watch cartoons Saturday mornings). It was the last night I picked up her sweet, tired baby self and reached over the front rail to lay her down in her bed. My sweet baby is growing up...and it's all happening a little too fast for my enjoyment!

Hallie's little treat...her pencils and
her new blanket

So excited about her new bed!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, my little Hallie bug is growing up much too fast!! I'm glad she likes her new bed though. See her and her new bed in a few days! Hugs & kisses, Nonna

Kristen said...

This post made me cry. Literally.