Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Pink Pig

Hallie was so excited about riding The Pink Pig...to Hallie, it's known as "Peen Pig". :o) Cute! When she spotted the entrance, she was very excited. She enjoyed watching the little train go around and around. Nonna got tickets for everyone (thanks, Nonna!) and we got to ride the train twice. The first go around, Hallie wasn't too thrilled. She rode with Daddy and I took pictures. The second go around...well, she still wasn't too thrilled. She rode with Mommy the second time around. We think her less than love for The Pink Pig ride was due to it being "inside" and having lots of lights and storybook pictures that were just a little overwhelming. She was very curious about it all, and told everyone who'd listen the story of riding "Peen Pig". I think she'll enjoy it more next year! However, on the way out of the tent, Hallie spotted the Chick-fil-A cow. Now, she wasn't scared of him AT ALL (post to follow). :o)

Our little family

The girls waiting to ride...

Nonna had shirts made for the occasion.

Another family photo

My brother (being goofy) and niece

Ride #1...not so sure: Nonna, Jonathan, & Hallie

Ride #2...really not sure!

Kenga and Pop

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Scroggins Family said...

We rode the pink pig last year and didn't shop either! I think her love for the Cow is precious too. Em's love for mascots makes me wonder if she is going to marry one or be one!