Thursday, December 4, 2008

Whitney Visits Again

I probably won't post every time Whitney visits (every day until Christmas), but I had to post about the little gift Whitney brought last night. That elf really knows what Hallie likes (lol--my niece told her mom that her elf, Tatum, really knew what she likes!). :o) This little gift was a hit! There was another trail of North Pole snow...right to Hallie's hiding place in her bathroom! Hallie giggled when she saw Whitney hanging out of the door. Her gift was a little water wonder coloring pad--you color with water on the pages and it brings out the color...then it dries and you can do it all over again! Hallie's is Thomas the Train. I know it's a little boyish, but she LOVES the "choo choo". :o) Too cute! After we opened her book, she colored in it immediately. Then I found her in the den coloring all by herslef...then I found her in her little bathtub (she has grown quite fond of playing in it) in the living room coloring in her book. She is SO much fun!

Mischievous Whitney!

Hallie finding her little goodie!

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The Belton Family said...

Okay - I love the Whitney Elf idea. You know that I will have to file that away in my crafty file for Christmas when Taft is old enough. Too cute!