Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sweet Sundays

To get everyone out of the house on Sunday mornings and to church by 10:30 pretty much requires a matter what time we get up. Anyone else have that same problem? So here's how our Sunday goes...we get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, and lately decide whether or not to fight the battle of putting on a coat with Hallie. This past Sunday, we had to was about 38 degress outside (much different from the 75 Friday). Sigh. After church, everyone gets to relax. We head over to Gramps's and Rah-Rah's house for lunch (thank you...thank you...thank you for having us over!) and relax. Hallie LOVES to be outside. She got to spend just a little while outside in the chilly weather before heading in. Of course, I had to snag a few pictures.

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Scroggins Family said...

That coat is beautiful. My little tomboy would have it filthy in about sixty seconds=) I wish we had the same problem-our problem is that Emily wants to wear her coat ALL the time. Even on our lovely 70 degree December days. I know people think I am crazy but she usually wins until she realizes that she is hot-easier that way!