Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Time!

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas time and are looking forward to a great New Year! We have really enjoyed watching Hallie this Christmas (and always, really). We have had a very busy Christmas break. I (Kendra) spent my first Monday of my Christmas break in the ER with a kidney stone. What fun! Hallie was very concerned about mommy; she rubbed my cheek and said, "I sowie Momma" before we left for the ER. Thankfully Gramps and Rah-Rah met us there and kept Hallie for us until Tuesday afternoon. Still having shopping to do, I had to venture out (slowly) Tuesday and Wednesday. Along with having shopping to do, we needed to get things ready to leave Christmas afternoon for Alabama.

On Christmas Eve, we went to our candlelight service at church. Then we head over to Jonathan's parents' for dinner and presents. We had a lot of fun watching Hallie open her presents. Bless her heart, it was after her bedtime when we started opening gifts, and she was wired trying to keep herself awake! She'd quickly open a present and then jump up and say, "More. More." She was clearly exhausted! After we got home and got the little precious one in bed, Mommy and Daddy Elf began the Christmas Eve process of helping Santa get Hallie's goodies together. Jonathan worked on getting Hallie's kitchen together and I worked on finishing up with some wrapping and packing for Alabama. Mommy Elf got in bed at 4:45 while Daddy Elf stayed up until almost 7:00! Needless to say, Hallie's 7:30 wake up was earlier than either of us had hoped!

We weren't sure how Hallie would react to all her Christmas goodies. At first, she was acting like she was scared and unsure of all these new things around her Christmas tree. After we told her it was okay and that Santa had delivered all her goodies, she perked up! She got a dollhouse, a kitchen, and an Elmo Live. She went straight for Elmo first. Then she moved on to the kitchen, and then spotted the dollhouse. She was cute going from one to the other, spending a little time at each. She really loved her kitchen (and making a mess out of all her little food items!). We wish Hallie had have had more time to play with her new toys, but we were leaving for Alabama that afternoon.

After lunch with Jonathan's family, we headed to the airport. Hallie absolutely LOVED flying! She was a great little traveler. She really liked it when the plane went up. She'd throw her hands in the air and say, "Up, plane! Up!" Cute! :o)

Hallie has had so much fun visiting with family in Alabama. Santa even left her some presents under Nonna and Pop's tree. Although, she prefers all the old toys to the new ones (don't they always?!). Hallie has had a lot of fun playing with her cousins and friends! We are so thankful to get to visit with our family here in Alabama!

There are no pictures yet...I had a little scare. I put my memory card into the card reader and it told me I needed to format my memory card. Yikes! I was very sad because it had all my pictures and videos from Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thankfully I have a husband who is pretty suave with electronics. :o) He recovered every file on there for me! Yay!

Hopefully I'll have pictures up soon!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I can't wait to see others' blogs filled with Christmas pictures. :o)

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Amy said...

Sounds like Christmas was quite a whirlwind for you! I'm sorry about your kidney stone! Maybe the new year will be a little more relaxed :) Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more pics soon!