Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Into Everything...

Hallie is into everything lately...which means I really haven't had a moment to sit down and post pictures. Also, Hallie and I have both been sick--we are FINALLY better! And I've been a little consumed with making invitations for her first birthday party along with my very best friend's (Kyetra) baby shower invitations! are some pictures from the past week or so--our little brave one who is into everything! She is such a joy all the time. We are so blessed to have this little bundle of smiles and giggles (and independence) in our lives!

I love rolling around on pillows!

Our little climber!

Hallie's new favorite place to explore.

Blurry...but she is funny rolling this ball
with her head!

Balancing on Daddy's legs! Future

Marvelous Monkey "helps" me eat
my breakfast.

Always getting into Charley's food!

Hallie sneaked up the stairs! Stinker!

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