Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Under the Weather

Hallie has been a little under the weather. We took her to the doctor and he found that she has a double ear infection! Poor thing! I was heart-broken. Daddy got her a special surprise to help her feel better. She loves her Mr. Potato Head--I know it's not for babies, but she loves things with faces! She also loves to steal his nose and his glasses. :o) Hopefully after her round of antibiotics, she'll get this ear infection knocked out! She feels pretty good during the days, but nights are a little harder on her. She's got her first birthday party this weekend--she can't be sick!

We were rearranging some furniture and Hallie enjoyed
crawling through the sofa table--she was obviously feeling
pretty OK here! haha.

When you don't feel well, you think you should get to do
whatever you want. Here is Hallie going through Mommy's
"goody box" from school. I had the box in the living room
(with the top on), walked into the kitchen, and not two
minutes later walked back into the living room to find
Hallie--caught red handed!

I'll share with you, Mommy!

Look at all my treasures!

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The Canada's said...

Get well Hallie! You definately can't be sick for your first party!