Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Birthday Party!

Hallie had a wonderful first birthday party! We grilled hotdogs and had chips, candy, and cupcakes! We enjoyed spending the afternoon with our friends from church, Jeremy and Stephanie and their kids Sarah, Liam, and Austin. "Aunt Jen" joined us even though Chance had to work, and Cynthia celebrated with us with her two little ones, Jackie and Crisstine. Grammy and Gramps were here to celebrate with us, too! I think Hallie's first party was a hit! Hallie is toddling all over the place, becoming more and more sure of herself on her feet. It is just amazing that we've gotten to spend the past year getting to know this precious little girl! She is such a blessing to Jonathan and me. Every day she learns something new and is amazed by the world around her. I love to just sit back and watch her take everything in. It's amazing how much we love her!

Birthday Girl!

Hallie's Cake

Mommy & Daddy with the birthday girl

Liam was a really great helper!

Cutie Austin (Hallie's little boyfriend!)

Hallie really loves little Sarah!

Jackie and Sarah having some girl time!

The ball popper was a HIT!

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Kristen said...

Ok, where did you get that birthday candle?