Tuesday, December 4, 2007


That's right. I am finally back into blogging. I have had other blogs and deleted them, but I decided that having friends and family so far away means I need to keep them in the Hallie-loop! So, here are a few things you might have missed in the past, oh year or so.

*June 2006--Jonathan and I found out we were expecting a miracle.
*August 2006--First doctor's appointment. We got our Estimated Due Date: March 5, 2007!
*June 2006-October 2006--Jonathan and I "decided" we were having a boy based on the men in his family only having boys (make sense?).
*October 2007--Jonathan and I were completely taken aback when the ultrasound tech said, "You're having a GIRL!" I believe Jonathan's response was "Are you sure?"...and then we shifted our thinking to pink!
*February 2007--I hoped beyond all hope that our baby would not be born at the end of February for whatever reason. I was thrilled when I woke up March 1st still pregnant.
*March 1 2007--I went to the OB for a normal visit and was admitted to the hospital. My ankles were incredibly swollen. Dr. Runnels said, "Well, I think it's time we have this baby." After that comment, I was put in a wheelchair (yes, a wheelchair) and wheeled by one of my favorite nurses to Labor and Delivery! I was hooked to many IVs and started on antibiotics.
*March 2 2007 @ 7 am--Induction began...my water was broken...I actually started feeling the contractions. Shortly after, I was given my epidural. The rest is a blur.
*March 2 2007 @ 12:22 pm--Hallie Shea Echols debuted weighing in at 6 lbs 14 oz, stretching out to 18.5 inches long! Jonathan and I were thrilled and were immediately in love with this little person.
*March 4 2007--We welcomed Hallie to her new home!
*June 2007--Hallie has laughed her first real laugh! Hallie is rolling over!
*July 2007--Hallie is sleeping in her crib!
*August 2007--I did not return to teaching. After much prayer and discussion, Jonathan and I decided it was best for me to stay home and nurture our little blessing! It has been a joy so far!
*August 2007--Hallie is sitting up!
*October 2007--Hallie has TWO teeth! She's no longer gumming it!
*December 2007--Hallie is sitting up from a tummy position and is squirming all over the place! She's also doing the "Hallie crawl"...not quite crawling, not quite scooting...but she gets where she needs to go.

Jonathan and I are really loving parenthood. We could not be more blessed with the bundle we have. We have gone through NINE "month-a-birthdays" with Hallie so far and are looking forward to many more. Hallie has experienced her first few holidays--Halloween (which she slept through...seriously, we didn't take her trick-or-treating) and Thanksgiving. She enjoyed some green beans, a homemade roll, and some mashed potatoes at Grammy and Gramps'!

I am certain I've missed something. But here's to hoping that I keep up with this thing from here on out!

Peace and Love!

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