Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunday Morning with Daddy

So, Hallie took a late nap Sunday morning and skipped out on church. Jonathan stayed home with Hallie while I went on to church. When I got in, the first thing I heard was, "Help!". I walked into the kitchen and there stood Jonathan holding Hallie, stretched out, in one hand. It was a monumental diaper emergency! Hallie had poop all over her--and Jonathan had already gone through about 10 wipes. It was down her legs, up her back, all over him. It was pretty gross. Sometimes, a baby wipe just won't get the job done...so I quickly filled up the kitchen sink and in Hallie went! The Dawn Odor Eraser did the trick! (haha--j/k!)

Hey, Hal--why don't you go ahead and do those dishes, sweetie?!

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