Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wouldn't you know it...

The camera batteries are dead--yes, Kendra forgot the "one stays charged rule". The video camera is dead, too. The memory cards are full of a gazillion pictures of Hallie. And wouldn't you know it...Hallie decides to CRAWL!

It happened so fast last night...it was past her bedtime, but we continued our nightly routine. We bathed, we played, Jonathan lotioned Hallie down and then got down on the floor to put on her pajamas. She flipped over, saw something she wanted and took off! Jonathan and I stared at each other in wonder! I'm SO glad he was able to see one of her firsts! He usually gets a phone call from me when she has accomplished something.

I grabbed a camera battery and charged it for maybe a minute. We were able to get a quick video of her crawling before the camera beeped indicating another full memory card! Wow! I guess 19 seconds is better than nothing. So...we hope to get a better video later, but this short video shows our pride!

We called the grandparents and texted the friends! Hallie is officially a crawler! Yay, Hallie!!! She has been doing her own versions (yes, more than one!) of the crawl for a couple of weeks now--she would lunge foward then sit up. Sometimes she would bounce wherever she needed to go. She would get up on all fours and rock madly, then sort of jump forward. Or rock on all fours then go backwards! Now, she's all about the fundamentals of crawling! It's the right hand, left knee, left hand, right knee...and so on! And she's into everything!

And now, the video...the bag of wipes is what she initially went after. So we're using it as bait. haha. She got a little distracted along the way with some paper, but she eventually got to her goal (another piece of tiny paper)!

With pleasure, Jonathan and I present to you...Hallie--the crawler! LOL!

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Misti said...

Hey sweet friend! Hallie is SO precious-- I just love the giggle straw video. She made me giggle!
Love you and miss you lots!