Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hallie's 7 course meal...

Our little inspector has had quite the "meal" today. She is so curious about everything...the smaller the object, the better. It seems for her, the best way to learn about an object is to just pop it in her mouth! Evidently pursing your lips together as tightly as you possibly can so that the object cannot escape (no matter how hard Mommy or Daddy try to get it) is a great exploration technique as well. It's so much fun to see Hallie exploring her world, and she keeps us on our toes! She is so quick to pop things into her mouth. It's almost like she knows she's not supposed to. This is a fairly new thing. She has always explored things by putting them in her mouth--that's just what all babies do. She has since moved onto finding the tiniest things to put in her mouth for a little taste. Her most recent quest has been for Charley's dog food. She finally accomplished that today...even though both Mommy and Daddy were watching her. She's sneaky! Charley was eating, dropped a piece of his food, and Hallie snatched it up before anyone blinked. She was chewing on something...I noticed...Jonathan pried her mouth open...a piece of dog food was discovered. Even though her victory was short lived, she still outwitted the parents! (And I'm sure she knows it! HA!)

Here's her list of delicacies for the day (disclaimer: she didn't actually swallow any of these items--not today anyway, so don't worry!):
*Dog food--how she began her day (I guess her cereal and fruit just didn't hit the spot for her!)
*Grass (we were outside exploring)
*A rock (again, outside...and thankfully it was fairly big)
*A leaf (outside)
*A roly-poly (I just swept the kitchen yesterday!)
*A piece of cardboard
*And she ended her day with a lady bug (this grossed me out!)

She's an adventurous little thing! I know it's a good thing that she's curious, but my goodness...I need eyes in the back of my head! LOL!


Misti said...

Wow! Yuck! A roly poly and a ladybug?!? She definitely keeps you on your toes!
I hope that you are doing well, friend!

Scroggins Family said...

Hallie and Emily could discuss which on the list is better-Emily has definitely tried a few of those things and cat food! Remind her of her "tastes" when she says dinner is "yucky". Have fun!