Friday, January 18, 2008

Just fortin' around...

So...Hallie and I were adventurous today and built a "fort"! She had so much fun crawling through this thing! I got to snap a few pictures, but she really was more interested in playing, so I put the camera down and chased her in and out of our fort all day long! We had so much fun! Every time she would go "out" of it, she would stop and make her little Laugh & Learn Stage play music. I guess she felt like we needed a theme song for our playing!

Playing around

Thinking about the safety of this man-made
structure. She sent Charley in to check it out for her.
He's giving her the "tails up" go-ahead!

Fortin' around makes a little one thirsty!

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Scroggins Family said...

How much fun this must have been!