Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In a week...

Procrastinated packing.
Had lunch with sweet my friend, Stephanie and her little guys, Liam and Austin.
"Lost" my camera (read: couldn't find it in the midst of all the packing junk).
Procrastinated packing.
Became extremely overwhelmed.
Actually started packing.
Had family and friends helping us pack...we love all of you!
Packed up our house onto a huge Penske truck.
Left about as much in the garage for storage.
Realized just how much I'm going to miss our fabulous friends!
Moved from San Antonio to Waco.
Slept very little.
Moved from San Antonio to Waco.
Was extremely glad that I did not have to unpack the Penske truck (that was done by my fabulous husband and favorite brother-in-law).
Let Hallie play outside of Grammy and Gramps's house.
Watched Hallie be so proud of herself going up and down the little "step-up" on the sidewalk.
Saw Hallie clapping for herself and then watched her fall face-first onto the sidewalk.
Listened to her start crying without even checking for our reaction.
Saw a little bruise and goose-egg pop up quickly.
Drove from Jonathan's parents' house to our apartment.
Watched Hallie throw up four times on the way there.
Did not unpack one single thing from our cars as we realized we needed to take Hallie to the ER.
Checked into Hillcrest Hospital's ER at 6:35.
Actually saw a doctor around 8:35.
Doctor found that Hallie STILL has an ear infection in her left ear.
Doctor cleaned out Hallie's ears...she did NOT enjoy this process.
Doctor ordered at CT Scan of Hallie's little bump.
Mommy and Daddy got to hold Hallie down as the tech performed the CT Scan.
This was not fun...Hallie screamed.
Doctor gave us good news that Hallie's little bump was just a little bump!
Praise the Lord!
We received papers on head injuries and ear infections along with a prescription for an antibiotic.
We finally left the hospital at 11:30-ish.
Got prescription filled.
Realized we have nothing unpacked in our new apartment.
Daddy put together Hallie's bed as Mommy bathed Hallie.
We got Hallie to bed around midnight. She was exhausted.
Mommy and Daddy got in the bed around 2 am...on our mattress that's STILL in the floor.
I have unpacked several boxes and feel like I've unpacked nothing.
We're adjusting to apartment living...we all LOVE it!
We are all extremely tired.
Hallie loves all the boxes being everywhere...she thinks it's a maze!
Jonathan started his new job at Profiles International and seems to love it!
Mommy is still overwhelmed. :o)
And...Hallie is 13 months old today! you see, we've been kinda busy since Easter. The blog has been neglected. As soon as I feel like our new place is a little more like home, I'll take and post some new pictures! We really are enjoying our time in Waco so far...despite the head bump scare! I know many of you were praying for Hallie, and we thank you for those prayers! We are so thankful that she is OK. She fell so hard because she was clapping for herself as she tripped, so she didn't catch herself at all. Bless her little heart! She's back to her old-into-everything-self now, though! :o)

Pictures are coming soon...


The Canada's said...

What a week for you guys!!! Hopefully, you can get some rest soon.

Hallie and Lakyn both had ER visits this week for head wounds. Glad to hear she is ok! Lakyn fell and hit the chest and got stitches at the ER.


Anonymous said...

OMG Kendra! I'm so sorry you have had such an exhausting week! I'm glad the move is over and Hallie is OK. We went through months of recurring ear infections and the only thing that finally helped Jaxon was tubes. Don't rule them out - they have truly been a lifesaver to our family.

Hope everything gets back to "normal" for soon!!!!!


Scroggins Family said...

Wow-and I thought I was busy! Glad to hear she is OK and that you made it through your first ER head injury scare with no problems and that he caught the ear infection too. Emily kept her ear infection for 6 months before I agreed to tubes and she has been great since. Praying for your family as you start the next chapter of your lives in Waco-can't wait to see pics
Love ya,

Melanie and Scott said...

I'm glad to hear that Hallie is ok and that ya'll are getting settled in Waco. I bet the boxes are sooo much fun for Hallie :) Take care and I hope this week is less chaotic for all of you :)

Love you bunches! Mel :)