Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mommy's little helper

Hallie is quite the little "helper" these days! She is pretty cute! She loves to throw the laundry into the washer. She doesn't quite have the understanding that the clothes need to stay in the dryer once we put them there, though. Soon enough, right? Hallie's new favorite thing is to accessorize using...well, unfortunately, Mommy's undies. LOL! She wears them on her head, around her neck, and over her shoulder. It's pretty funny, I think. She even chooses the right color to go with her outfits!

Yesterday as I was sweeping, Hallie was watching curiously. She was careful to not step into the pile of "yucky dirt" that I had swept up. I leaned the broom up against the counter and turned to get the dust pan. When I turned around, Hallie had gotten the broom and was sweeping up a little on her own. Precious!


The Breeden Family said...

those panty shots are hilarious!! :) what a great helper!

dana said...

she is absolutely adorable!!! i love blogs and being able to see friends kiddos and know what is going on in their lives. it is so good to reconnect (in a way) with you. you are precious!

The Canada's said...

I am surprised Lindsey didn't post. Just insert Lakyn in with the panties on around her neck. She actually has a bad habit of wrapping everything around her neck. She actually put a bra on correctly the other day as well. Still don't know why she gets fussy sometimes getting dressed when it seems to be something she enjoys doing.

Great pics!