Monday, April 7, 2008

Moving, Moving, Moving

We are blessed to have fabulous family and friends! Jonathan's mom and dad came down Friday before we moved, bringing a huge Penske truck! Then we spent almost all day Saturday packing the house and truck. Thankfully, our sweet friends Jeremy and Stephanie (along with their precious daughter, Sarah) came over to help us. My friend Jennifer (5 1/2 months pregnant) came for moral support...and she did the little things that I surely didn't want to do (like cleaning out the spice cabinet!). Here are a few pictures from the day.

Sarah was a huge help with Hallie! Hallie just
loves Sarah!

The moving/packing crew! Margaret, Jerry,
Jeremy, Stephanie, and Jonathan (his best side--lol)

The truck had a lift that was SO much fun! I think
this is right before sweet Sarah got her toe slightly
smashed. It's tough work being the lift operator!

Sweet friends, Stephanie and Sarah--I miss you guys!

Jeremy and Stephanie...we miss ya'll!

Hallie doing what she does best...having fun!

Sweet Jennifer (and baby boy)

Jeremy and Sarah taking a much deserved break!

Charley really hated getting so much attention!

Gramps with Sarah and Hallie

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