Thursday, May 29, 2008

The best helper...

Hallie is a wonderful little helper! She helps me out around the house all the time...she's best at making messes, though (as you can see in the picture of us sweeping--just look around, her stuff is everywhere! Of course, if you know me, you know I don't need a lot of help in making messes--heehee!). But, Hallie has really started paying attention to us cleaning up. She loves to help me sweep and she loves to throw things away! She looks for things that she can throw into the trash can. For a bit, we had trouble with her throwing things away that were not trash--books, her sippy cups, pacifiers, bracelets...the list goes on. But I think she's getting the hang of what goes in the trash. Yesterday she went into our bedroom and looked through the laundry basket to find every dryer sheet she could...and one by one she wadded them up with her tiny hands and threw them in the trash can. It was precious! I hope she has a better love for cleaning than her mommy does! HA!

Helping Grammy water the flowers
(and my shorts)

Helping Uncle Jeremy cut the grass

Helping Daddy with snack time

Helping Mommy sweep


Scroggins Family said...

Such a big girl now! Don't we all wish that they would always want to help us clean =)


Amy Cranston said...

Kendra, your little family is precious. You really treasure the little things and seem to savor each moment with your little one. Keep it goin' girl, they don't stay little for long!
When we look back on our lives at home with the kids, we will not remember that pile of laundry or dishes in the sink, or the dust on our dressers. It's great that she's learning to be your little helper though! That way the two of you can be together even while the cleaning's getting done!