Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lion's Park

Grammy and Gramps took Hallie to Lion's Park this past Sunday. This is where Jonathan used to go when he was a little boy...and I'm certain it was the same rides as when he was a kid! Jonathan were out running errands and were luckily able to meet them at the park to experience Hallie's first choo-choo train ride! She loved it! Going through the tunnel was a little scary the first time, but by the second time she was a pro! Hallie loved riding the carousel...although I'm sure it went faster than a carousel really should. She didn't mind though--I mean, she did ride it THREE times! I'm sure we'll be visiting this park again in the future! Hallie did not want to leave.

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Amy Cranston said...

She is such a cutie pie! Looks like she had alot of fun on the park rides! I love keeping up with you through blogging! How fun!