Saturday, June 28, 2008

Enjoying time with the fam

Last night was our last night with the fam...they're leaving this morning. Mom and I went shopping yesterday and found the cutest shirt for Hallie that I just had to have. It has a child-like drawing of Mary Poppins and is the absolute cutest!! It's a little too big still, but she will definitely grow into it! :o)

We ate at Fudrucker's last night--a kid's favorite. After getting some prizes (a squishy ball for Hallie and a silver "bling" necklace for Abby), driving a sports car (Kelly and out!), and riding a horse we went to Baskin Robbins to end the night with some ice cream!

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, you have to tell me where you found the mary poppins shirt and i'll pray there is one here in the ham. nora is absolutely enamored with that movie. we watch it about 3-4 times a week and she can sing all the song. i need that shirt for her!!