Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Too much fun!

My (Kendra) parents arrived with our niece, Abby, in the wee hours Tuesday morning (1:30 am!). The fun with cousins began around 8:30 yesterday morning. Hallie has absolutely loved playing with Abby! Hallie used to be my shadow...but until Abby goes back home, I believe Hallie will be Abby's shadow! Hallie follows Abby everywhere and tries to do everything she does. It is absolutely precious!

Yesterday we had Hallie's 15 month check up--she's a healthy little girl who is growing like a weed! She's going through a little separation/stranger anxiety, so this visit was not fun at all. She did not enjoy the doctor poking at her one bit! Thankfully the visit didn't last too long. Afterward, we had Chick-fil-A, so that cheered her up! She and Abby played and played on the little playground. All that playing called for a nap (for both girls!). :o) We ate dinner with Jonathan's parents last night and ended the day the best way possible--at Baskin Robbins!

Today our plans are to go to the zoo...but the girls have been playing so hard this morning, Hallie pooped out before everyone even got dressed. So, the zoo will be an afternoon trip.

Hallie loves trying on shoes!

Sweet Abby

Abby pushing Hallie in Hal's backpack stroller.

Too cute!

These shoes are just a little too big.

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Misti said...

Ya'll have fun at the zoo! I can't believe how much Abby has grown! I remeber when she was Hallie's size (or smaller)! Last weekend John and I drove through Heflin and I thought of you. Miss you, friend!