Sunday, July 6, 2008

Echols Look-alike Meter

OK--I saw this on someone else's blog, so I totally stole it..just for fun, of course! :o) I actually did it twice. The first time--with these pictures--it said Hallie looked 14% more like me. LOL! When I did it again with different pictures, it said Hallie looks equally alike both parents. I already KNOW who Hallie looks like (Jonathan), but it was fun to see that at some point, she looks 14% like the gal who carried her for 9 months and birthed her! LOL! :o) Hallie is absolutely precious no matter who she looks like (Jonathan). And every now and then, she'll make a face that makes me think of pictures I've seen of myself when I was a baby.

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Geneology - Family pictures


Misti said...

This is too cute! Hallie is a good mix between the both of you! John and I can't wait to see who baby Tristan will look like! =)

Anonymous said...

i did this as well a few different times and every time it said nora looked equally like me and wes, and i agree with that. everyone says she looks just like me, but she has a lot of his facial expressions and his nose and chin. fun to find out though.

Scroggins Family said...

Okay-had to try it out. One said she looked more like Tom by 8% (which everyone agrees with) one said it was equal (I like to think that since I really know that she looks more like Tom). Thanks for sharing this little game! And I actually think Hallie looks more like you-facial expressions are definitely you!