Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Jonathan, Hallie, and I ventured to Glen Rose, TX with Grammy and Gramps this past weekend. It was a fun and restful weekend of just hanging out! Hallie loved the baby pool and the big pool, too. But I think she had the most fun in the bathtub! We went to the town square for some ice cream and to window shop in the cute little stores. We even found one called "Grammy's Junction", so we had to have a picture taken there! :o)

Hallie loved "walking" Charley in our hotel. I'm
not sure Charley was quite as thrilled about it!

There was a little fish pond by the pool with
huge goldfish. In hindsight, I should have
taken a picture. :o/

Hallie loved the baby pool. It was about 1.5 ft
deep and she walked around in there like
she knew what she was doing. She even
went completely under a few times and didn't
get upset at all!

Hallie loved walking behind the waterfalls!

Jumping off the side is always fun!

Fun with Grammy and Gramps

Taking a break from the hard work of having fun!

Grammy's Junction

Too cute!

Fun in the tub

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